Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Rewind

This weekend seemed kind of long even though it was just the regular two days... 
I wish I was in Canada celebrating Thanksgiving, or had some kind of job where I got Columbus Day off, so I had a 3 day weekend!
Alas, I work at a regular old office job (non- government) and have to work today.

It probably felt long, though, because we spent it doing tons of chores.  
(Or what felt like tons of chores to me.)   
So...sorry if this post seems a little bit like...well, a long list of chores. haha

I filled up on gas before driving home from work. (it was $4.49/gallon and rising... it was actually $4.69 by my house Friday morning so I figured $4.49 was a good "deal" WTF gas companies?? Stop being so greedy!)
Watched some baseball (and read some blogs and started some drafts) when I got home.
We ate Thai food take out for dinner. #yummmy

I did tons and tons of laundry.
I swept about 1000 sq ft of hardwood, about three times.   
Dog hair!!  And he is not even an inside dog.  Grrr...
I did some preliminary kitchen cleaning. We (ok, I) don't do much housework during the week so the counter always has Starbucks cups, dirty dishes, empty food containers, etc. on it. I did a counter "sweep", took recycling out, trashed the trash, put the dishes in the sink, wiped crumbs off the counters. (TMI..?)
We went grocery shopping for Sunday.  We were planning to make various salsas (boyfriend's department), Caprese bites, and a pear/ricotta crostini that I found on Pinterest.  It was fun picking different peppers out. We got 4 kinds.
And...then we went to the diner for dinner.  Yes I have been there twice in one week.  He was craving pancakes!  :-)  I had Benedict.

I did MORE sweeping and then vacuumed all of the area rugs and small mats by the doors.
I finished the kitchen, actually cleaned the counters & finished the dishes.
Did MORE laundry.  Put away all that laundry!  I also helped the BF do an "autumn" cleaning out of his clothes. (I need to do this, seriously.)
We (mostly he) cleaned the bathroom and the laundry closet room.  
I watered all the house plants. 
And the I prepped/gathered food for salsa/dinner making.
 Then I took a little break (while he mowed the lawn) and watched about 3 innings of baseball before we got started in the kitchen. 

My BF loves to make different kinds of salsa.  He grilled all the tomatoes, peppers and onions to make some smoky salsas this time. While he was doing that we had a tri-tip marinating, and I was working on the Caprese bites!  (Pear/ricotta crostinis are getting a rain check until tonight.) Really all I did was cute the basil leaves off their stems, rinse the grape tomatoes, and cut the little mozzarella balls in half. Stab them with toothpicks, pour some balsamic dressing for dipping, and dig in!  :-)  My favorite kind of recipe.  Quick and easy. 

Then we ate our trip-tip, watched the finale of The Great Food Truck Race (on DVR, I know it ended a couple weeks ago!) and hung out with this handsome guy for a bit. (Gunney is allowed inside in the evenings, only on the rug in the living room!  Too much hair & his nails scratch the very expensive hard wood floors.) (And we only have one dog this week, Juliet went home with my MIL for a while.)

Not a very exciting weekend, but quite productive, if I do say so myself. 

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