Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday 10 - Pet Peeves

Today's Tuesday 10 topic...

 Pet Peeves/ Things That Drive You Crazy!


Interesting topic, I actually had a harder time than I thought.  
I tried not to get TOO specific.  
I mean, sure, I could list 10 grammar/spelling pet peeves but decided not to!   
(Although Lena has a good list on her post!)

1)  Loud eaters 
(lip smackers, open mouth chewers, slurpers!!  ugh, i think slurping is the #1 for me)

2)  Slow "fast food" drive thrus.  
(*Neither thrus or throughs is a word, according to Blogger.)

3) Bad customer service.  
(This is probably my number 1...I deal with it ALL.DAY.LONG at work.)

4) People driving slow in the fast lane...

5) AND people getting up on your ass in the slow lane.  
(I drive on the freeway a lot.)

6) Dog owners who let their dogs poop on my lawn and don't clean it up. 
(Related:  Nosy, busy body neighbors!) 

7) Bad grammar.  
Spelling mistakes I can forgive more easily, especially because I am a horrible typist so I attribute most of my mistakes to that. 

8) A co-worker sending me an email...
 and then calling me to tell me they just sent me an email. 
(Or this...)

9) Closed minded people. (Actually, this is my #1.)

10) Recently added to my list:  Bloggers who comment "cute!  follow me and I will follow you back!"  (See this post of Janna's for other blogging related pet peeves!)


Meryl said...

I had a roommate once who claimed I was a loud eater. I wasn't allowed to eat chips the whole time we lived together.

But I'm with you on the bad grammar!

Janna Renee said...

Haha love your last pet peeve ;)I can definitely agree with a lot of these and am happy to say that I carry poop bags with me all the time, so that I can clean up after Weiser!!