About Me

Hello!  Thanks for checking in.  I'm happy to have you.  
Pull up a chair and let's get to know each other! 

This is me... 

At my work Christmas party and I almost NEVER wear makeup so I don't generally (ever) look this put together!

I love to read. (I love my Kindle.)  
I love baseball. (Go Dodgers!)  
I love music. (I think I have pretty eclectic taste.)  
I love living in San Diego. (Expensive but...You get what you pay for. Right? Please say "right!")
I've worked at my computer company job for 15 years. (Since college.)  
I read a lot of blogs.  (Big ones, small ones, humor, lifestyle, expats, food)
I watch too much TV.  (Travel Channel, HGTV, HBO, Bravo...)
I don't travel as much as I would like to. 
I hope I can resurrect some of my nearly lost and rusty writing skills. 

This is us....

 We have been together for over 15 years, since I was in high school.  
We have a new (to us) home (built in 1963) that we have done some work on.  
I have been trying to use our new kitchen. 
We have 2 amusing Labradors. 
(Together) we like to go dirtbike/off-roading in the Southern California deserts.  
We like to go out to nice meals. 
We like to travel when we can afford it. 
We (apparently) like each other.  
We are not married and we don't plan to be.  If it ain't broke...

You can visit these posts to get to know me a little better:

If I think of anything else to add, I'll come back to this!  
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!  

P.S... I also blog here (my food blog!) (sometimes) 
and here (Reader's Cafe book review site) (rarely, bad blogger). 


becky said...

Yay ... I'm gonna be a new follower. My daughter lives in LaJolla and sons in Newport ... so I am definitely a socal fan.

Janna Renee said...

I'm glad I finally know what you look like, and can put a face to the name! Haha.

Anonymous said...

You're always welcome to come travel with me, via my blog! I love virtual travel companions.

Kelsey Eaton said...

New follower! Excited to read along with your blog!!


Donna Shoffner said...

Love this!! XXXMOM

Svenja said...

Love your blog - I am your new follower :-)

Warm regards from across the ocean (which appears to be Germany in my case)

Esther Ann said...

Hello :) I'm a new follower.
Came over from across the pond.....not literally.
Looking forward to hearing about your life and the next less painful trip to Hawaii.


Lisamarie said...

Hey lady! I am new to your blog. I love it! I love that you and your guy have been together so long and are still so happy. I dated my boyfriend for 10 years since we were just barely out of high school (we hung out in two totally different social circles) and then, umm, somehow we ended up married almost a year ago! Married or not, happiness is what is most important!

Samantha said...

I just found your blog through Sami's giveaways. So much in common! I definitely watch too much tv and read a ton of blogs (adding yours to the list!). I don't live in Cali, but I live right outside of DC and it is equally as expensive. Ugh! But I think you're right - get what you pay for, every time! Can't wait to read more!