Friday, October 26, 2012

Letters and Fancies - TGIF

Happy Friday everyone!!  
I'm feeling a big, huge TGIF for today. 
Quick question, if anyone has an opinion... 
Kindle Fire or tablet (samsung or similar)
Anyone have both or already shopped both and made an informed decision?  
I'd appreciate any help!

Jumping into my letters quickly because I had my post almost done last night and my laptop, trying to get it done real quick this morning.  :-)

Dear Mom - Can't wait to see you tonight!   It's been kind of strange with you gone in Yellowstone all summer but we've got 2 solid days of eating and baseball watching coming up.
Dear BF - Thanks for getting my birthday tires this weekend, yay!  (Not a sarcastic yay, tires are a great gift when you are old like me.  haha)  And... I love you.
Dear Mortgage Company -  You are very frustrating and stressful.  I do not like you. At all.
Dear Readers and Followers - Hi guys!  And welcome to the new people!   Thanks for coming along!  Been a busy week for me but next week I've got plans for some new posts and fun stuff going on. Stay tuned!!  :-)


Today is a big celebration over at Long Distance Loving... Friday's  Fancies #100!! 

In honor of that I put together a party outfit that I'd love to wear for a holiday party, or New Years... Very fun and fancy and sparkly!  I love the pink champagne color and, even though they'd kill my feet, the SHOES! 

Party Time


Alyx said...

Ooh, what a fun dress!! And mortgage companies are a pain. I hope things work out! :)

Taylor said...

Aw, so glad your mom is coming to spend time with you :) hope you had an excellent time.
Love your blog, can't wait to be back!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I just came by from LDL because I love the name of your blog. Who doesn't adore a Peter Pan reference? We are currently stationed in California and loving all that this great state has to offer! I look forward to following along with you (*and hope you had a great weekend with your mom!)