Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Love Long Weekends

Well, I didn't actually spend the weekend "alone" but I did spend it without my BF, which was fine.  One of my friends from work asked me if I missed him or if I enjoyed time alone.  Both.  Both is the answer.  :-)

I realize we are half way to next weekend already but here is my weekend recap!  
I took Friday off work, so my weekend was extra long. 

My BF actually left Thursday morning so on my way home from work Thursday I stopped at a farmer's market and strolled around for a bit.  
This lady had every kind of jam/jelly I could imagine.  Each flavor had a different fabric on top. Cute!

One GIANT artichoke, one bag cherries, one cream cheese pound cake, one mini pecan pie, one jar honey, and one jar habanero/mango jelly! 
 My market haul... just a few treats for the weekend and some honey and jelly for our (pretty much) weekly cheese plates. 

I slept in, did a few chores around the house, and watched a bunch of DVR stuff 
(1x episode Game of Thrones, 2x episodes Amazing race, a few episodes of No reservations/The Layover, re-watched the Rock and Roll hall of Fame Induction special that was on HBO, cried for MCA). 

Later in the afternoon I took a quick trip to the mall because I had a buy-one-get-one-free coupon for accessories at The Limited.  I only took $25 with me so as not to buy anything BUT the accessories.  It worked! 
 On the way home from the mall it started raining. It had been windy most of the day but it got really dark and rainy all of a sudden. Yuck!  Luckily, it cleared up pretty quickly. 

Raining and dark at 3:02 pm
 I was glad it cleared up because one of my co-workers was having a bday dinner Friday night up near our job (in North San Diego county) and I didn't want to drive back and forth in the rain.   I met up with a few co-workers and some of her other friends and had a couple of good drinks and some mediocre food.  (Sorry Old Spaghetti Factory.  It was my first visit, and probably my last.)  

Saturday... I did more stuff around the house (primarily lots and lots of laundry) and watched more shows off the DVR.  I took each of the dogs for a walk. 
My mother in law showed up early afternoon Saturday.  We didn't do much at all, more DVR watching, a nap (for me) and we had Panera for dinner. 

Sunday... we did some weed pulling and flower planting around the yard. 
More dog walks, more DVR watching.  
Sunday night we decided to get out of the house.  I have a bunch of certificates that we never use, so I printed one out for a restaurant called Firefly.  It was at a hotel/resort down on Mission Bay called The Dana, and had nice views of the bay and the sunset.  (Please excuse the android phone pics, I should have remembered my MIL has an iPhone and taken better pics with hers!) 

Raspberry Mojito!  Yum

We had to spend $100 (NOT counting alcohol!) to use our $50 certificate.  So, before our entrees, we ordered some fried brussel sprouts (w/garlic slivers and and apple cider vinegar reduction - EXCELLENT!), and a delicious cheese plate.!  This was actually warm brie, so just one cheese, but it came with honey, nuts, fruit, tomatoes and roasted garlic.  At home we usually do some kind of honey/fruit/nut combo.  I wasn't too sure about the tomato or garlic but everything else was as yummy as I was expecting. 

We both ordered a filet for our main course, with green beans and gorgonzola mashed potatoes (mmmm).  I would say overall the food was very good.  The drinks were so-so. The location and service were lovely. I would rate Firefly a 7 out of 10 (or an 8 based on the price for the amount of food/drink we had, but that was thanks to the certificate!  Snag one, if you can.)

Monday.... Slept in again and wrapped up the last chores I wanted to get done.  Then I just hung around at home, napped (yes, again), and waited for the BF to return.  

Overall, not a thrilling weekend, but very relaxing.  If we had 3 days (or 4) every week I sure would get a lot more done around the house, and more naps, and more DVR clearing...  hehe

I hope you all enjoyed yours!! 

P.S.  My DVR is now 70% free.  :-)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Fur Baby Friday! (a visit from a fur friend)

Waaaay back on Cinco de Mayo (wow this month flew by!!), we had our friends over for margaritas,  ceviche and albondigas soup.  
They brought their puppy, Molly!!, another black lab to join the pack at our place for the afternoon.  She looks like a mini version of our Juliet, but she has more of the stocky build that Gunney has.  I saw her this week and she has already grown out of this "teeny puppy" stage and is tripping all over her too big limbs.  hehehe.   
Aww, puppy! 

 Hi guys!  //   We filled up the plastic kiddie pool for the dogs to splash around in. 

Carrying around a stick she found.  //  Getting a bit worn out...

And....nap time.
It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon and we had a lot of fun eating, drinking and watching the 3 dogs have a good time. 

My Friday's Fancies - Memorial Day Weekend

Linking up with AV from Long Distance Loving for...

I am soooo happy it's Friday and the start of a long weekend!!

For me,  Memorial Day usually means a beach or bay BBQ 
and (most years) a baseball game!  
So I've put together a daytime outfit for the sunshine
and a Dodgers hat and sweatshirt to throw on for the game.  :-)

Memorial Day at the Beach and Night at the Ballgame

I personally own a decent amount of Dodgers gear, 
so I think I could totally pull this off.  :-)  
I love the woven earrings, I actually have a couple pairs of those now (different colors).  I also LOVE the bracelets, beach hat and shirt...OK, obviously I put this outfit together so I like all of it!   

 I hope everyone has a fabulous, sunny, relaxing
Memorial Day weekend! 
Thanks for stopping by today. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Little Bits of Happiness (Thursday)

Happy day before Friday!!
I'm very ready to start my extra long holiday weekend (home alone style).
I'm actually looking forward to the "me time".

With 4 days off work coming up, I'm feeling pretty content today.
So, I've decided to link up with Stephanie for Little Bits of Happiness

 From what I can tell, this link up is about recognizing the small things that make you happy.  I can totally handle that. I am usually a fairly positive person and I try to appreciate things that contribute to my happiness. 
I saw this on Pinterest this week and it really struck a chord.  

source, via the LOVELY NICOLE!, on Pinterest

But, we all go through ups and downs 
and it's nice to have a moment (or a post) to reflect and be reminded.  :-)
My Little Bits of Happiness Lately 23 mile/30-60minute commute to/from work.  
It allows me to gear up for and wind down from the work day.  I really don't mind it. 

....McDonald's mocha frappes.  I think I am addicted.  
I am pretty sure it is just chocolate flavored ground ice but it's so yummy in my tummy.

....this guy.  even after 17+ years we're still able to be silly & enjoy each others company.
I really appreciate that. (OK, some days I remember it more than others. Not a great goodbye this morning with him leaving for fishing trip & me being passively-aggressively annoyed still about it. But, I'm trying to be positive!!) bras!  I bought some a couple weekends ago and have enjoyed putting them on every morning since. :-)

....being on the down slope of the work week!  This has been a rough one so far (again?!?).  
Already really looking forward to the weekend. (And taking Friday off to make it extra long!!)

....easy recipes that allow me to act like I can cook and impress my BF.  Made a new cauliflower cheese thing last week, YUM!  (I never cook so trust me on this one, it's something to be happy about.  hehe)
....this t-shirt I ordered from HBO shop.  I love Game of Thrones!!

 ....Blogland.  All of you readers and other bloggers make me happy.  Everyone is so sweet and supportive.  It's a great community to explore and be a part of.  :-) 
 Happy Thursday everyone! 
Mrs Stephanie T

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting! and (Mostly) Wordless Wednesday!

I have to say, Wednesdays are one of my favorite blog reading days.  I really like seeing what everyone else is Pinning and photographing and thinking (quietly? wordlessly? haha).

 Without further delay....
Here are some of my favorite images for (mostly) wordless, what I love, and Oh, How Pinteresting! Wednesday.

From my Future Kids board, pinned from Christina Hahn, via ApartmentTherapy
I love the rug and the wall prints.  

From my Travel board, pinned from ldarc, via
Nuff said. 

From my "I just really LOVE GREEN!" board, pinned from jargon1, via Tumblr 
We saw so many of these cute guys in Hawaii.  

From my Random Things I LOVE board, pinned by ME!, via MecumAuctions
Sometimes we watch classic car auctions for fun.  You don't?

From my Things I Want board, pinned by ME!, via Kiki La'rue
Lots of bloggers have been having Kiki giveaways.  This is my favorite dress.
From my Random Things I LOVE board, pinned from smetcalf07, via source
Easier said than done but... I try.

From my Home Sweet Home board, pinned from The Lovely Ashley, via SpinelessClassics
LOVE LOVE LOVE this.  The entire text of a book turned into a poster. 

                  Thanks to all of these ladies for hosting Wednesday link ups. 

 then, she {snapped}

Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Recap

Hello blogland!  Well, I had a pretty mellow weekend.  

Friday night my BF was out at a friend's hanging out, so I just watched TV and did some laundry. My DVR is full of Game of Thrones, Amazing race, and Around the World in 80 Plates episodes.  And always about a week's worth of Jeopardy! 

Saturday afternoon I went to a baby shower for one of my co-workers.   For decorations they hung up a bunch of the baby clothes that the baby girl has already received.  With matching headbands!   Too cute.

 This is the gift I bought her (like 3 months ago!?  when we learned it was a girl).  I think this is the cutest thing ever and way better than those hard, plastic baby tubs I remember from when I was younger.   (  And no, I don't even have a baby yet, but I say go buy one if you do!  :-)

Sunday morning I got up and the BF was just finishing mowing the front lawn, so I helped him sweep up the trimmings.  And got a blister on my thumb.  Then I had to relax for a while form all the exertion. 

In the afternoon we took the dogs to bay (Mission Bay, Fiesta Island to be specific).  I sat in the sun, he ran around with them and threw the ball into the water for them to chase. They LOVE swimming. 

This pic is not actually from yesterday but I just love how attentive they are when there is a treat involved.

And we ended the weekend with dinner at Fuddruckers for some yummy burgers and the best malts I have ever found. (And I am pretty much on a constant life search for a good malt. haha)

I was strongly tempted to try the "exotic" wild boar burger...but I have never (ever) ordered anything but the 1/2lb works burger with fries and a chocolate malt (extra malt) in the 15+ years we have lived in San Diego and been eating at Fudd's.  So that is exactly what I ordered and I was not (of course) disappointed. 

Hope everyone else had a nice weekend!   

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday's Letters

Hooray for Friday!  Nobody needs me to expand on that, I'm sure.  
So let's jump right into my letters...

dear coworkers....Looking forward to this baby shower we have going on tomorrow (Saturday).  The best thing about our workplace is the people.  I love the gift I got the new mama-to-be!

dear BF...You may not have noticed, but I am slightly peeved at you for planning a fishing trip next weekend and not thinking I might be interested in going along.  Granted, our original Memorial Day plans fell through but... hello??

dear Mom...I'm so happy you are enjoying your summer job (so far) in Yellowstone!  I love seeing your pictures of bison and snow and geysers and waterfalls.  Keep the pics and postcards coming! 

dear adorable bicycle...I think I will ride you this weekend.  I know it has been a while but we should reconnect. 

dear Me...yes, definitely take off the Friday before Memorial Day (4 day weekend? woot-woot!) to sleep in,  lay around at home, hang out with the dogs, and clear out the DVR. Might as well take advantage of being left home alone.

dear Ashley... so sorry about your little Bella.  I hope things get figured out without too much damage to your pocketbook.  :-(

dear anyone/everyone reading this... Have a great weekend!! 


Fur Baby Fridays!

Our fur babies on their first day(s) home...awwwww!!!!!  
It's hard to remember when they were this little.  
So stinkin cute!!!  Every time I see these I want another puppy.
Gunney came home as soon as he was allowed to leave his mama. 
Juliet was a little older and already starting to grow her lanky legs. 

I know dog babies age faster than human babies...
but it still makes me sad to see how fast they grew up!!  :-( 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

OK, so we have LOTS of Pottery (and we love it!)

Hello!  I was brainstorming about blog topics and unique things that I could discuss and realized we have some pretty cool home decor, courtesy of my "father-in-law".  

Linking up with Sue! 

See, my BF's dad is an artist.  He does mostly pottery (ceramics to be specific) and he has his Masters degree in fine arts.  One of the first things my family ever did with his family was a "firing" of the kilns to bake a bunch of items he had been working on.  It was like a bonfire party with artistic purpose.  :-)   Everyone had a great time.

As might be expected, we have a lot of his pottery in our house.  It is pretty much in every room.  In fact, now that I look around, we don't have a whole lot of decoration in our house that his Dad didn't make! 

So, I thought it would be fun to give people a tour of our pottery collection.  Enjoy!

Some Wall Art....

This is in our kitchen area.  It's about 15" diameter. 

These are sitting on a low buffet table under our kitchen window.  We have dinner plates that match the blue flower wall plate. (The teacup is from my Nana's collection. I pocketed it when she moved and downsized last year.) 

Once in a while he strays into new territories....

Kitchen Area and Kitchen Related Items ...
Some of these are used mostly for decoration, but all are100% usable, washable, heat safe, and functional. 

Used on the rare occasion that I bake cookies.

These sit on our (rarely used) dining table.

We have approximately...eleventy hundred mugs.  :-) 

Last year we got smart and asked for some functional items, and boy were we happy when Christmas came around! 
These are one of my FAVORITE pieces ever, we got these for Christmas last year. Great for fondue or any kind of dipping you may require.   

I use this weekly!!  Toss 10-15 small red potatoes in with around 3/4 cup (?) water.  Microwave for 10 minutes or so.  I usually put a little more water in about 5 minutes into the microwaving. 

The lid doubles as a shot glass.  hehe

So, there you have a sampling of what my house looks like. 
As I was snapping pics I realized this would be way too many for one post so part 2 will be coming in the future.  :-) 

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