Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Rewind & 10/22

Hi guys, happy Monday (if there is such a thing?)

So, this weekend....

My car hit 30K miles on the way home from work Friday.  
I am pretty sure it just passed 20K a couple months ago...
It was cloudy and drizzly all Friday (and Saturday)
My plumeria bloomed! 
I got my hair colored and trimmed.  
(And apparently one eye was trying to go to sleep.)

My boyfriend bought a leather suit for motorcycle riding.  It made me laugh. 

We made some (Americanized) Korean BBQ at home on Saturday night.  
It was a family affair.   :-)

Sunday we spent most of the day grumbling and going to Home Depot multiple times to try to fix the ice/water dispenser on our fridge.  FUN! (haha, NOT!!)  We finally got it put back together, pumping out water, and not leaking sometime late in the afternoon.   Then we made chile rellenos for dinner!  Yummmm. 

And.... TODAY is my birthday!  :-)    Unfortunately I have to work, but I'll be having some yummy birthday dinner later. And I am getting some (decidedly unromantic, but fully necessary) tires for my car from the BF this year.  And my mom will be coming down this weekend to visit and watch the World Series.  Yay! 

Me, Age 4 ...many years ago!

Most of the time I don't think a whole lot about my age.  
Sometimes, though, I can't avoid it....
Recently I went with a couple of my (significantly younger) co-workers to see The Bloggess at a book signing.  On the way there I mentioned that Soleil Moon Frye would be moderating the event.  They both looked blank.  (Ok, I thought, maybe they are too young to remember her name.)  "You know, Punky Brewster?"  More blank looks.  Ouch! 
Source: via hilary on Pinterest

Oh well, I'm getting old.  Nothing I can do to change it!
Hope everyone has a great week!
I may or may not be counting down to next weekend already.  :-) 


Gesci said...

Okay, I'm TWENTY-NINE (for two more months, for for now I'm in my twenties!) and I know who Punky Brewster/Soleil Moon Frye is. I mean, really. Have your young co-workers any pop-culture knowlege?!
Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You know you're a grown-up when practical "gifts" are just as exciting as an Easy-Bake Oven.
Enjoy your new tires!

Brooke said...

Your food looks really tasty!



SMD said...

Happy belated birthday! I hope it was a great one.

Tires are in my future too...mine should be giving out right around my birthday in March. ha!