Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 14th - Our Anniversary

The Shape of Us  by Ian Britt

You’re no longer alone.
We’ve found a space to name our own.
There ain't no need to fret or fuss.
We’ve got all the strength we need in the shape of us.
And I know you’ve had it tough.
Your road’s been bumpy and rough.
But say goodbye to a world that you once knew.
I have every faith in me and you.
Hold my hand.
Hold my heart.
Let go your fear.
Darling I will always be here.
I never felt quite so at home.
Your sweet caress is the best I’ve known.
Now that I’ve proved to you that I’m worthy of your trust.
Let us build a world in the shape of us.


 Once upon a time... 
We met when we were kids. 

First & Last

We went lots of places and did lots of stuff.

We went to some parties.
All these are from work Christmas parties. 

Today marks 18 years... and counting.   

Through the years we have had so many great times, and some bad ones, too.  

We've done some traveling, we've eaten good food, we've made great friends. 

We've had some hospital stays, some financial problems, 

we've even lived through a house renovation without killing each other!  

  But through it all, I've never had a second thought. 

 (OK, maybe a couple of times during the house renovations, but we're still going strong. hehe)

 I am looking forward to the next 18 years.  

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