Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Confessions

 Hola amigos! 
(Amigas? Probably. I doubt any guys are reading...but...just in case!) 

Linking up with the lovely Alyx today for.... 

Today I've gotta confess....

Tonight I will be rooting for the Tigers in the World Series game 4, even though I want the Giants to win it.  I don't want to see a sweep!  Not ready for baseball season to be over.  :-(
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I really need should go to the dentist, SOON!  My insurance provider changes so often that I haven't had a consistent dentist to keep me on regularly scheduled appointments. Like for 5 years.  :-(    I think they are in good shape, but I need a good cleaning.  

I didn't read (or write!) any blogs this weekend. Sorry guys!  But, I have an excuse, my mom was here to visit. :-)  I'm hoping to catch up on the reading in the next couple of days.  And, definitely, the writing!  I've got some fun stuff coming up!  (Dog costumes, my VERY FIRST giveaway!!, holidays, and lots of other ideas.) 

I'm kinda excited about being featured on Mish's blog this weekend! She lives here, in San Diego, and is a pretty cool chick.  She and her boyfriend are taking off on a round the world adventure soon!  If you don't follow her, you might want to.  ;-)  (And I am giving away some really pretty earrings!  Click over and enter!!) 

I'm tired...from doing nothing all weekend.  haha!   Not looking forward to the alarm clock going off tomorrow morning. 

Hope everyone had a good weekend.  
And anybody reading from the East Coast, stay safe in the face of Sandy!!

P.S.  Kristen @ Whiskey Tango Foxtrot's "700 Follower Celebration" giveaway is still going on, too.  
More cute earrings from me, and a bunch of other stuff from the other ladies!   
Click here to enter that one!  :-)  Good luck!!


Ricci said...

Fun post!!! A friend of mines brother plays for the Tigers so that's who I'm rooting for!! Congrats on your first giveaway...they are so much fun!!!!

Brooke said...

Go Giants! ;-)

I know, the Dentist, I have to go in December! Best to just get it over with!



Alyx said...

Ahhh I keep meaning to schedule a dentists appt. but then never get around to it.

Thanks for linking up... sorry I'm just now reading!