Monday, October 29, 2012

My Weekend...

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's Back to work I go...  :-( 
Weekend = Too Short.  Always

Hi guys.  What's shakin? :-) 
So this weekend was fun and too short.  Here's what went down. 

*DISCLAIMER:  My mom has been in Yellowstone (with no TV) for almost 6 months. 
I have been keeping a few shows on my DVR for her...hence all the TV watching. hehe

My Mom arrived!  
Friday night (before and after dinner) we watched the 4 episodes of Amazing Race that have been on so far this season. 
In between TV, we ate dinner at Lorna's. (Yummy local Italian place.)
Mmmmm, bruschetta. 

I got my birthday tires in the morning!  
While waiting for the tires, mom and I wandered around Target.  
I managed to NOT BUY ANYTHING (at TARGET?!?) But I did find a few books I want to read. (see below!)
We watched few episodes of Food Truck Race. 
Then, we watched the World Series!  {Our tradition for my birthday.  :-) } 
We had Thai food take out and watched a few more episodes of the Truck Race. 

Anyone read any of these...??  I liked their back covers. ;-)

Mom left early. :-(  
My MIL and I went to the Renaissance Faire with our black lab, Juliet. 
And then...
this happened.
Queen of the Fairy Princess Doggies. 
I'm pretty sure she loved it.   
(She couldn't sit still.  OK, she never sits still.)
Hi. I'm such a girly girl. Except when I roll in poop.
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Gesci said...

I've been wondering- was your mom a seasonal worker at Yellowstone? I got up there three times while we were living in Idaho, and Paul and I now both toy with the idea of being seasonal workers when we're... ahem- "older". It sounds like loads of fun, especially if you get to live in Mammoth.

After you're done with those books, pass them over here :)
Oh, and happy birthday again!!

SMD said...

That bruschetta looks divine.

I love Juliet's gear.

Another lovely blog, I nominated you for a liebster!

bailey j said...

visiting from Mish's blog :)

i wanted to make you feel less alone by telling you that I crashed into a tree on a class trip when I was 13, broke my leg and then was left behind by my class in a different province because I required surgery. I had to fly home alone a few days later. Not cool ahah.

Laura Darling said...

Looks like such a fun weekend! Have you seen your mom in the last six months? That's a long time to be away - I'm sure she was happy to see you, and to catch up on shows! :)