Monday, October 15, 2012

How was YOUR weekend?

Mine was not bad.  Too short, as usual, but what can ya do...
The weather was beautiful all weekend, so that was really nice. Fall weekends that feel like summer sure make me appreciate San Diego. 

Friday - 
There were some warm sprinkles on the way home.  Not so much that the freeway got crazy (as generally happens with rain around here)  but just enough to smell like rain. 
I watched some playoff baseball,  great games this post season! 
I did some Etsy browsing (and buying - see below).
We watched some Jeopardy and the last episode of Great Food Truck Race from the DVR.
Etsy - World on a String Necklace

Saturday - 
I woke up at 10:30!  Woo hoo for sleeping in!
I had brunch with my friend from Malawi (again!!  they were here for post surgery checkup on the cutie bambino).
The BF and I went to REI and ran a couple of other errands.
I watched some more baseball.
We watched UFC fights at a friends house Saturday night. 

Sunday - 
I went to a nearby thrift store to see if they had any picture frames for a project I am going to attempt.  (And, for the recrod, I am not a "project" girl, but I have this one idea...) Scored 4 for $10 total!  
We went to a friends for some BBQ and hanging out in the early afternoon.  They were having a KC ribs vs Virginia pork butt BBQ cook off so...we kind of had to be there. 
And then we went to dinner at Morton's for our anniversary.  I like going there because everyone wishes you a Happy Anniversary all night, and...they take your picture and give it to you in a little Morton's picture folder.  Cute!  

So, now it's Monday again...blah.  
Off to work/blog hop to see what everyone else did this weekend.  :-)


Tarabelle said...

Thrift stores are the absolute best place to score picture frames! I found that out when I was planning my wedding!


Gesci said...

There's a hot air balloon necklace on Etsy that I've been lusting... might have to be my "thank the lord this move is OVER!" gift to myself in a few weeks!!

Gesci said...

Oh... I meant to add that I like the globe you bought. Max is cuddled next to me on the hotel bed and shifted and I clicked the mouse!

Janna Renee said...

Morton's- Oohlala! I love that necklace! I love all things globe oriented :)