Friday, November 30, 2012

FRIDAY - Phew, I made it...

 Dear This Week... You sucked. Work sucked. I felt crappy. The dog was hurt and then was a pain in the butt all week. My BF is grumpy.  

Dear Friday.... Seriously, so happy you are here.  It's been a rough week all around.  I'm very ready for the weekend.

Dear Blog Swaps... You were really the one bright spot of my week!  I got 2 swap packages and can't wait to blog about them. 
Dear Readers... Thanks for hanging in there! I promise to return to more regular (and less whiny) posting next week. 


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Fancies!  This cheered me up a bit. :-) 

Per Alison: Have you ever been shopping with a friend when they point out a top which is "totally you"? For Friday, November 30th, you'll have your chance to channel you into an outfit. Dress yourself = express yourself!!

I am big on layering and have a cardigan handy almost all of the time.  I just love the casual/comfy look of this outfit and it is totally something I would wear.

Caual Tea

I hope everyone has a great weekend 
and hopefully I'll be feeling more like myself next week. 


Gesci said...

I love that green with the red- not a traditional dark green, so you avoid the Christmas-y look, but reminds me of plants. In a GOOD way!

Happy weekend- and here's to several more good nights for Gunney!

Wendy said...

SUPER CUTE! All of it! :)

Devon said...

that scarf is lovely! I want it. And those shoes... great outfit!

Janna Renee said...

I'm LOVING the Christmas Swaps! It just adds to my Christmas spirit, and is such a fun part of blogging ;)