Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Rewind!

Here we are. Monday again.  Luckily, it's kind of like Wednesday this week! ;-)
This is gonna have to be quick as I was feeling crappy last night, so didn't take time to prep my post!


I bought a couple more frames at Goodwill!  
I am planning to attack the map wall project over the 4 day weekend.  haha  Wish me luck!

I also bought this wooden carved cake plate thing....?
 It's kind of funky & big...but I like it!  I'll figure out somewhere to put it eventually.  
(BF is not a big fan so...going to need to be creative. I called and texted a pic from the Goodwill but he didn't answer so...too bad!)

 - My BF got up WAY TOO EARLY and went dirtbike riding.
- My MIL arrived for her Thanksgiving week off. 
(I know we did not get the whole week off when I was in school!)

- I did some tidying up of the house, a bit of laundry, all that fun stuff... to the background accompaniment of Mary Poppins.  :-)

- Saturday night we went to the horse show, Valitar! (Post coming!)  It was a good time.


Nothing too exciting.  We switched our dryer door!  It's been opening "the wrong way" for the past year, since we bought it.  So that was actually kind of exciting.  haha 
(Oh, home ownership.)

A bit more laundry, sweeping etc with Mamma Mia in the background.  :-)

Started feeling kind of crappy toward the afternoon.  So I kind of lazed around while my boyfriend made some salsa to stock up the fridge.  Heaven forbid he ever has less than 12 condiments to choose from. ;-)

All grilled and ready to blend up salsa ingredients!

I'll be working from home tomorrow and then one more day in the office... and THEN?  
FOUR DAYS OFF!  Woo hoo! 

Linking up my weekend with these lovely ladies!


Brittany said...

Homemade salsa? Yum that sounds so good and I think I have been inspired to try and make some now!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I love Mary Poppins.

And I am the condiment ho in our house. I have to have a zillion to choose from and can't run out.

Gesci said...

We just got our washer and dryer today and I checked the doors before the Lowe's guys left!! Funny!
Also I love that cake box/plate thing. I have a cake plate problem, according to Paul. I call it a collection... semantics.