Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Be BRAVE! (Giveaway!)

This OHP Wednesday is dedicated to all things Scottish and Disney/Pixar's BRAVE! 

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I might have mentioned my love for the Outlander series (by Diana Gabaldon)...
once or twice before.
Well, reading those books got me really interested in Scotland. 

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

I fell in lust love with Kevin McKidd (ok, and Ray Stevenson) after watching Rome, on HBO.

And then, of course, men in kilts don't hurt either... 
(Nice view! heheheh)

Source: via Cynthia on Pinterest

Am I right?? 

I actually have a point here, and the point is this...

I have been DYING to see the new Disney/Pixar move BRAVE, since I first heard about it via Kevin McKidd's FB page!  :-) 
I know it was in the theaters for a while but we just aren't movie people.  My BF has back and joint problems and it's difficult for him to sit still for that long! (Like a toddler, I swear.)
So, that leaves me with waiting for the DVD or even HBO.  Once in a blue moon I'll buy a movie, if I am really interested.
Well, luckily for me, I don't have to buy BRAVE, because I was graciously given a copy to review...
How awesome if that? 
Obviously my love of all things Disney (and maybe Scotland!) is well known.  haha

So, here are the things I loved:

Set in Scotland? CHECK 
(What can I say?  I have an obsession. Highland games, hoorah!)

Sexy Lovely Scottish accents? CHECK
(See above. Obsession. I can't wait to sit down and watch some of the extras that are included on the DVD, just for MORE ACCENTS!)

An adorable, feisty heroine with gorgeous red hair? CHECK 
(Really, that hair is to die for! So vibrant and realistic looking! I love how detailed Disney/Pixar stuff is. )

New songs to sing along to? CHECK
(Honestly, before I even saw the movie or got this opportunity - I'm talking months ago - I had 2 songs from the soundtrack downloaded to my iPod. I love Disney music, it's one thing that never fails to make me smile. I also really like Celtic music, modern and not so modern, and loved hearing the Celtic instruments. Mumford and Sons being on the soundtrack doesn't hurt either!!)

A mystical/magical vibe that I really love? CHECK
(I took quite a few literature classes in college that discussed magical realism, and I've always been a fan of "believable" magic. Loved the will-o'-the-wisps, the witch and her spell, all of it. )

Amazing Scottish scenery? CHECK  
(It's breathtaking, even for an animated feature! A special blog friend of mine who has visited Scotland many times and actually SAW BRAVE in the theater there(!!) confirmed the scenery is amazing and extremely true to real life. I'll have to take her word for it since I have only been there in my dreams.  *sigh*) 

Important messages?  CHECK
(As with all things Disney, there are lessons and morals.  Among many things, Merida learns to stand up for herself, to challenge tradition, to remember where she came from, to (finally) listen to her mama, and to be BRAVE! )

I could go on but I think you get the idea. 
I loved the movie and am thrilled to have this opportunity to add it to my Disney collection for when I have kids (and can teach them to love all things Disney/Pixar as much as I do)!!

And, in case you missed it, I (may) HAVE ONE FOR YOU!
(Hopefully you, yes you! You who is reading this post at this very moment!
To be sure they've covered all the bases this is a multi disc collectors edition, and you get a copy in basically every format I've ever heard of!  (DVD, BluRay, 3D, digital) 
Get to entering below!!

In case you don't win or want more than one copy, you can grab it HERE on Amazon.

*As mentoned above, I received a copy of this film to review.
All opinions are (obviously?) my own. 
I'm not sure Disney even thought about the sexy Scottish accent factor.
Probably did though, they are marketing geniuses.

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Anonymous said...

I like British accents :)

scrapperjen said...

Great giveaway! I love Australian accents

dht04001 said...

i love south african accents
daniellex at gmail dot com

Gesci said...

I gotta say, the Scottish one makes me giggly inside, so I'm going with it!!

Anonymous said...

I'm an Irish accent kind of a girl =)

Thanks for the giveaway!

crxlurp said...

I am a fan of australian

Breanna said...

Australian or british :)

Sarah Grace said...

i don't think i'll ever get used to men in kilts...haha

happy wednesday! xoxo, sarah grace

Jeanna Johnson said...

I like a nice british accent!

Jean said...

so funny. my boyfriend was the first person ever to tell me that i have an accent. at age 19! lol!!! i like to talk w/ british accent, but i am terrible! i love accents of all kinds! :)

boyfriend & i used to be movie go-ers when we first met... but i kept falling asleep in theatres or talk too much. we haven't been in awhile. last i been was maybe for bridemaids. long, huh? we don't get dvd either. moreso, netflix kind of folks here.

anyway, janna brought me here. love this little cute blog of yours. new follower! :)

Rachael Hardison said...

Favorite foreign accent is definitely Irish! Love it!

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Hmm, so many! Irish perhaps!


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South African :)

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i love a good english accent!

Heather R said...

I like Irish accents.

Erika said...

British or Australian! I'm torn:p Thanks for the great post and giveaway! Can't wait to see this!

Erin O'Riordan said...

I am a sucker for the accents of the former Yugoslavian countries. Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian...they all get me.

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Jenny Lee said...

I'm a sucker for British accents!

jenle33 (at) gmail (dot) com

Sharon Chu said...

British or Scottish!

Cheryl said...

Jamaican. Is that an accent?

AMY said...

Australian cwitherstine at zoominternet dot net

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I like the Australian accents!

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My favorite is the British accent!

timelesstotes said...

British Accent

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I like Irish accents. :)