Thursday, November 1, 2012

Throwback Thursday - Vancouver!

Couple of quick notes... 

1) I am being featured over on Ricci's blog today (along with her other lovely November sponsors)! Yay! She has been great to work with so far and a really sweet girl and a new aunt!! :-)

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So, for today's post, I poached borrowed this idea from the lovely Erica at Mi Todo...Throwback Thursdays, a brilliant idea!   
It's basically a chance to document pre-blogging life.  Which, I think, is pretty smart! 
I've only been writing this blog for less than a year.  My food blog, maybe 3 years?  But I'm 36, and we've been together 18 years. So...that's a lot of stuff to reminisce about!  :-) 

These are a few pics from a trip I took to Vancouver, BC (Canada) in  September of 2009.  I've been visiting my grandparents in Vancouver since I was a kid.  I used to go every summer for a week or more, hang out with cousins, and tour the sites of the city. 

My favorite spot to visit always was (and still remains) Granville Island Market.  If you've never been, it's like a giant, permanent farmer's market.  Since Vancouver is a coastal city, there are a LOT OF FISH.  Tons of fruits and vegetables.  There are also many restaurants and shops in and around the market. You can find clothing, baked goods, jewelery, local art, toys, housewares, beads... (the bead store was always our favorite store when we were tweens!) And there are plenty of maple items.  Mmmmm, maple sugar candy! You can also usually find musicians, street performers, and artisans. I always like to check out the totem poles being carves by First Nation members. 

If you've ever visited my food blog (button on sidebar!) you may recognize the first picture.  It's one of my favorites, and taken at Granville. :-)

I always enjoy a full day of browsing, eating and spending too much money at Granville. 

Another fun attraction (in 2009 particularly) are the Winter Olympic sites in and around the city.  The speed skating rink was actually just a few miles down the road from my Nana's house!  This is also the location that all of the drug testing for athletes was performed.
Since I visited before the Olympics, we got the chance to take a tour of the facility.  It was much more interesting than I originally thought it would be.  A lot of thought and care was taken to build the structure, and there was a lot of symbolism and local artistic flair incorporated into the design and construction.  
Now that the Olympics are over the building is used as a gigantic gym! 
(It probably has other uses, too, but I thought the gym idea was cool.)

I spent a lot of the weekend just chatting with my Nana, going to dinner, and enjoying the city I've grown to love.  Just last year my Nana moved back east, to Toronto, and I'm sad knowing I won't be able to visit her in this lovely city again. 
I'll  just have to be a big girl, visit on our own, and get a hotel!  ;-)

Nana and I, in my blonder and longer hair days, at the market :-)   Until next time, Vancouver!
When I harassed asked Erica about borrowing her idea, she said she has done it as a link up in the past.  We discussed working together on it, so you might see a link up soon.
 I think we should all participate!  It's fun to stroll down memory lane.  :-) 

Happy Thursday everybody!!

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