Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday's Letters & November Stuff

Linking up with the lovely Ashley today for my letters.  

Dear Dr. Bro...  So excited to hang out with you this weekend.  I am glad you get a chance to relax and take a break from all the healing I assume you are doing every day. ;-)

Dear Dr. Bro's Girlfriend... Thank you for doing the San Diego Color Run so the two of you can come hang out! I hope it is fun, it sure looks like it will be.

Dear Trick or Treaters... Although there were not many of you, you sure were cute.  Especially the little girl in love with my Minnie Mouse witches hat.  Even my BF thought that was cute.

Dear November... Since my company decided to use our floating holiday on Veteran's Day, I am going to have 2 short weeks coming up.  That?  Is excellent.

Dear Election Day... Please hurry up and get here already! Geez... I am so tired of all the local political ads. The mayor of San Diego is apparently a very mud-slinging-necessary race.  All that does is make you both look slimy. Just shut up and get off my TV.

Dear Bloggers I am Sponsoring for (some or all of) November...  I felt like October was good for my little blog.  Let's see if we can make it happen again ladies! :-) 

Dear Readers... If you don't read any of these blogs yet, check them out!  Oh, and have a GREAT weekend please, would ya?  OK, good.

For November you can find my button on these lovely spaces...

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Janna: Soldier's wife, gorgeous inside and out, counting down deployment time!
BWS tips button

Kelly: fashionista, So Cal girl, and SO HELPFUL with blogging!

And a couple of repeats from October, I like these ladies a lot! (Obvs.)

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English: Lives in Germany, takes gorgeous pics, and reads good books.

Kristen: Also lives in Germany, kicks blog design's ass, and has been cooking some yummy stuff lately.
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Eat, Drink, Be a Tourist (button swap!)
Kelsey: Lives just north of me, college student, fun loving CA girl.

  Me, my Disney Halloween hat, and my main man, The Mickster.  
Yes, we coordinated our outfits.  Duh!

So, besides hanging with my bro and his girlfriend, I don't have any solid weekend plans.  We'll just be playing it by ear. (haha, see what I did there?  Ears, Mickey. No?)
I guess I could take down the Halloween decorations?  Or maybe we can leave them up for another week, so then we are that much closer to Christmas decorating! ;-) 

TGIF my friends, and hope the weekend treats you well!

P.S.  If you love Disney, like I do, then stay tuned!  I may have received a copy of Brave to review, and I may HAVE ONE TO GIVEAWAY next week!  (What??? I know.  So.friggin.excited.  hehe  It's the little things.)


Alyx said...

The color run sounds like such a blast!

Gesci said...

I LOVE BRAVE! Okay, so that was a little excited. But I do. It's really an amazingly accurate portrayal of Scotland's scenery for an animated film. Plus I saw it in Scotland. So every time I watch it, I know it'll make me cry, but happy-memory tears.

Also, I am so glad that A) I didn't live here for most of the past few months and B) We don't have tv service. The political ads I saw in the hotel and the ones on Hulu are awful; I can't imagine having the deluge that I remember from previous elections. UGH.

Happy weekend- I'm dying to do a color run, despite "run" being an evil word- I just want to come out all tie-dyed at the end!

pearl said...

The color run sounds like it'll be fun :) I'm too scared to try it!

Emi said...

cute letters! love your blog and we are now following..come follow along and enter our giveaway at XO