Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday Tunes

It's highly possible that there is a link up somewhere out there with the same title I've created for my post...but I can't think of anything else that sounds clever. 
Also, I was inspired to go back to this idea by SAMI's post from last week. 

I was looking through my list of post ideas and found "iPod shuffle" so I figured, 
why not Tuesday Tunes?! :-)

Yes, this is my exact iPod. Green.  Are you surprised?  ;-)

My iPod is important to me.  I listen to it every.single.day.  Basically all day at work.  
It's not just that I have some annoying loud coworkers, but it also helps me concentrate and plow through my "To Do" list when the day gets busy. 
And it helps me dance in my desk chair.

Source: someecards.com via Cynthia on Pinterest

 I also plug it into the car on Friday afternoons and listen to it any time I drive on the weekends.  
I really love my music!!  
I am thinking I should use this post more than once because 10 songs could give a very skewed sampling of my taste (which I think is pretty eclectic).  
But we'll see how this one goes first.  ;-) 

Here is a quick (and totally random) sampling of what can be found on my iPod.  
No judging allowed.  ;-) 

#1 /Yesterday /The Beatles
Good job iPod!  The Beatles are my all time favorite band.  My Dad is a big fan and growing up I heard lots of their music.  In college I took an entire music appreciation class on The Beatles, and a special 1 credit "seminar" on their Sgt. Pepper's album. This song reminds me of my Dad.

#2 / The Unforgiven / Metallica
In middle school I went through a little "rocker" stage, and I have plenty of 80s/90s hair band songs.  Metallica is a little more serious than some of those. I feel like their songs evoke emotion. This song reminds me of high school.

#3 / Say What You Say / Eminem
I've got plenty of Eminem (and Dr. Dre and Snoop Lion) on there.  Dre I've loved since high school and Eminem went into high rotation (on my CDs!) when he first hit the scene.  It's good stuff for car dancing/rapping.  

#4 / Raspberry Beret / Prince
I just recently bought a "Best of Prince" CD for like $4.  
There are so many fun songs on there! 
Fun for dancing, and singing and getting all 1980s.  :-) 

#5 / Peanut Vendor / Office Space Soundtrack (Perez Prado)
I have a TON of soundtracks.  If I'm watching a movie and find myself enjoying the music I add it to my list of music to buy.  The fun thing is you always get songs you didn't notice and sometimes they are good!  This one is a little catchy mambo tune from Office Space, which has a really fun soundtrack.

#6 / Survivor / Destiny's Child
I was so sure that this song was on the Charlie's Angels soundtrack, but not according to my iPod.  So I guess I bought this CD due to liking their song on that soundtrack...?  Anyhow, there are some catchy tunes on the CD, and this is a fun one to cruise the freeway to.  

#7 / London Calling / The Clash
This could be from one of any number of soundtracks, but I think I bought it from iTunes as a single.  It's a good one for the gym (if I ever go back there). Love me some British punk rockers.

#8 /Don't Push / Sublime
I'm not sure how far Sublime's popularity reaches, but they are/were an extremely popular band here in Southern California (especially in the 90s).  It's a bit of a mix of ska and reggae maybe?  (I'm not sure what a music person would call it.) Their lead singer died of a heroin overdose when they were getting pretty popular. :-(   
I listened to a lot of this throughout my college years.

#9 / Party Up (Up in Here) / DMX
Another 90s rap song!  Shocking.  ;-)  What can I say?  It gets my booty shaking.  
Plus my BF likes this guy because he had a bunch of motorcycle stunts going on in one of his videos.  
(Videos? Remember those? Do they even make music videos anymore?)

#10 / Scarborough Fair / Celtic Woman
Ahh, now there's a good one to mix it up.  I have about a dozen Celtic Woman songs.  You might recognize them from PBS?  They are a group of Irish women who tour the world singing Irish (and not Irish) songs where voice is the main instrument.  I actually saw them in concert a few years ago.  It was fun, although most of the audience was at least 30 years older than me. ;-) 
(I particularly like this video because the concert was filmed at a real castle in Ireland!)

Hmmm, so....apparently today my iPod decided that we are still living in the 1990s, 
sprinkled with some 60s and 80s?   
But not a bad representation, really.
Maybe next time less 90s, more...other stuff!  haha
I guess I'm at the mercy of the shuffler. 

Does anyone else have all 10 of these songs on their iPod?? 
If so, we should probably just go ahead and plan a blate.


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Janna Renee said...

Seriously, I'm pretty sure my ipod will look just like yours ;) but I also haveChristmas music that pops up ;)

The Cantrell's said...

I had to follow your blog because:

1. The name.

2. You have some of my favorite bands/songs on your ipod shuffle.


scrapperjen said...

Great tunes! Fun list and video clips...thanks for sharing!

Lindsey said...

Wow, your music is very eclectic! I love it! I think I have all of those songs except for the last one. Sorry, never got into the celtic music.


Tiffany Cutcliff said...

Hey there! Found your blog from the link up and am your newest follower! Cute blog! Love the music:).