Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday 10... Money Tree

Happy Tuesday and happy Election Day and happy End of the Political Ads on TV day!  
Woo hoo!  I'll be heading over to vote as soon as I get off work. 

Couple of Notes from Neverland: 
a) Check out the cute typewriter necklace I am giving away over at Be Freckled
You could win it, and a bunch of other great items...
b) I found out who I am a Secret Santa for in Janna and Kelly's gift swap!  
Gonna be fun to blog stalk and shop! 
c) Ornament swap partners were also revealed on Erin's blog.  
Hoping to hear back from both my giver and my recipient soon! :-/

d) Kristen is pimping me out over on her blog today!

e) This is my 100th post!  Hip hip hooray! :-)

On this fine Tuesday, an Election Day, with more Indian Summer going on in San Diego...

 I'm linking up for Tuesday 10.
This week's topic:   
10 Things I'd Do/Buy If I Won the Lottery!!  
(This would be all in addition to, or after, we remodeled our house. And my remodel I mean: double the size and totally renovate, and perhaps even pick up and move closer to the beach. Also, put a bunch into savings for kids, homes for parents, etc. Not sure why I felt the need for that disclaimer, but there ya go...)

1. Buy a salon style chair and hair washing sink and hire a stylist to wash and style my hair a couple times a week. The wash is my favorite part of getting my hair done!

2. Buy this car... I saw it on a Mecum Auction once on TV and have been in love ever since.  It was selling for over $100,000. 

Source: mecum.com via Cynthia on Pinterest

3. Buy a pair of massage tables and hire massage therapists to give us couples massages a few times a week.

4. Buy Disneyland and Walt Disney World annual passes... for me, my mom, my aunts, and a few cousins who would appreciate it. 
(And probably a time share at WDW Florida, while I'm at it.)

Source: piccsy.com via Cynthia on Pinterest

5. Build my boyfriend (and his friends) a huge motorcycle track, somehow made of foam so nobody injures themselves. (Scientists can figure it out if I pay them enough, I'm sure.)

6. Buy World Series tickets (every year)...forever! 

7. A trip (or two) around the world...starting with a couple of months here...

Source: piccsy.com via Cynthia on Pinterest

8. Donate a few hundred thousand to my friend who is a missionary in Africa. (And of course visit her to deliver it, as one of the stops on our round the world trip!)

9.  Buy a vacation home somewhere tropical...maybe even my own island!

Source: homeqn.com via Cynthia on Pinterest

And 10..... Since I will be unemployed (having quit my job) and have the time and money...I'd plan (and pay for all of our friends/family to attend) a perfect, gorgeous, tropical destination wedding.  Perhaps Maui? Fiji? On my private island mentioned above? 
The possibilities are endless!  ;-) 

Linking up with Lena B today!  
Hop on over and check out what other people would spend their millions on. 



Amanda Cobb said...

Love it! I might have to steal your ideas for #1, #3, and #9. :)

Stephanie J said...

Love your list! It sounds like sooo much fun! Stopping by from the link up!!
Princess Stephie @ Icecream To Bellyrings

Sippy Cups and Pearls said...

found your blog from the big giveaway! ohhh I hope I win - your blog name is super cute :) I'm absolutely loving it! and how funny, I did a similar link up to this but it was different. :) anyways, newest follower and so excited to follow you...your blog atmosphere seems super happy and UP!

Janna Renee said...

I can definitely get down with that lotto spending ;) I think you would look hot in that car!!

*Katie* said...

Your blog is so cute! I'm glad I fund ya!

scrapperjen said...

Great wish list!
I am visiting via Perception is Everything

Jo said...

I can so see why you want that car!