Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting! (and Wordless-ish) Wednesday

Half way through the week!  Hooray for hump day, I say. 
I'm trying to get some original content going and I have a few drafts sitting there but haven't had a chance to polish them or get my pics organized so I'm just going to keep linking up with some wonderful ladies!  
(I don't want to get into a habit of not posting.)

So! Welcome to another (mostly) wordless, what I love, and Oh, How Pinteresting! Wednesday.  :-)
Conveniently, all of these things overlap.  hehe

From my Future Kid Ideas board, pinned from Meghann Sarnicki, via The Portable Highchair.
This will be very important for our (future) babies for camping and the beach. 

From my Keep Calm and...board, pinned from Florence Grelaud, via La boite verte

Yes, the Beatles. That is all. 

From my Travel board, pinned from Alaina Hickey, via Sophie Munns.
Mountain/tree hotel?  Awesome.  

From my Food/Drink board, pinned from Kristen Keesee, via
Yes please!  Bring on summertime drinks.  (And summer!)

From my "I Just Really Love GREEN" board, pinned from Debra E, via Tumblr.
Yep, green.  Pretty much speaks for itself. 
From my Things I Want board, pinned from Pretty Loe, via Modcloth
Want these!  So cute. 

From my Other (hair/clothes/wedding/etc) board, pinned from Francis Thornton, via Polyvore
LOVE this outfit for spring/summer.  Especially since it's green.  :-)

From Wow Nature Wow board, pinned from a deleted board, via
My Nana always had these flowers growing in hanging pots on her front porch.  
They make me smile. 

Thanks to all of these ladies for hosting Wednesday link ups. 

 then, she {snapped}



Kate a.k.a. The Secret Goddess said...

Thanks for visiting The Secret Goddess today!

That house/hotel whatever it is --- it's amazing. Made my breath catch!

The flowers, darling, are called fuchsias - I have a hanging basket of them on my deck right now and I adore seeing them.

Two peas in a pod? That is simply adorable!

I want very much to open that little green door and go inside - I'm sure it's an entirely magical place.

Christy Ann said...

Loved this post! I'm re-pinning the hotel picture from your Pinterest Board! Thanks for linking up with me :)

Ms POSH said...

Very cool pins!

Have a great rest of your week!

Krystal @ Uh Oh Mom! said...

That drink with all the fruits looks yummy!

Sarah said...

Can I just come LIVE with you? You must have the CUTEST house!

Karly Gomez said...

Cool stuff, I love that door. Thank you for linking up with me!