Thursday, May 24, 2012

Little Bits of Happiness (Thursday)

Happy day before Friday!!
I'm very ready to start my extra long holiday weekend (home alone style).
I'm actually looking forward to the "me time".

With 4 days off work coming up, I'm feeling pretty content today.
So, I've decided to link up with Stephanie for Little Bits of Happiness

 From what I can tell, this link up is about recognizing the small things that make you happy.  I can totally handle that. I am usually a fairly positive person and I try to appreciate things that contribute to my happiness. 
I saw this on Pinterest this week and it really struck a chord.  

source, via the LOVELY NICOLE!, on Pinterest

But, we all go through ups and downs 
and it's nice to have a moment (or a post) to reflect and be reminded.  :-)
My Little Bits of Happiness Lately 23 mile/30-60minute commute to/from work.  
It allows me to gear up for and wind down from the work day.  I really don't mind it. 

....McDonald's mocha frappes.  I think I am addicted.  
I am pretty sure it is just chocolate flavored ground ice but it's so yummy in my tummy.

....this guy.  even after 17+ years we're still able to be silly & enjoy each others company.
I really appreciate that. (OK, some days I remember it more than others. Not a great goodbye this morning with him leaving for fishing trip & me being passively-aggressively annoyed still about it. But, I'm trying to be positive!!) bras!  I bought some a couple weekends ago and have enjoyed putting them on every morning since. :-)

....being on the down slope of the work week!  This has been a rough one so far (again?!?).  
Already really looking forward to the weekend. (And taking Friday off to make it extra long!!)

....easy recipes that allow me to act like I can cook and impress my BF.  Made a new cauliflower cheese thing last week, YUM!  (I never cook so trust me on this one, it's something to be happy about.  hehe)
....this t-shirt I ordered from HBO shop.  I love Game of Thrones!!

 ....Blogland.  All of you readers and other bloggers make me happy.  Everyone is so sweet and supportive.  It's a great community to explore and be a part of.  :-) 
 Happy Thursday everyone! 
Mrs Stephanie T

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