Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Love Long Weekends

Well, I didn't actually spend the weekend "alone" but I did spend it without my BF, which was fine.  One of my friends from work asked me if I missed him or if I enjoyed time alone.  Both.  Both is the answer.  :-)

I realize we are half way to next weekend already but here is my weekend recap!  
I took Friday off work, so my weekend was extra long. 

My BF actually left Thursday morning so on my way home from work Thursday I stopped at a farmer's market and strolled around for a bit.  
This lady had every kind of jam/jelly I could imagine.  Each flavor had a different fabric on top. Cute!

One GIANT artichoke, one bag cherries, one cream cheese pound cake, one mini pecan pie, one jar honey, and one jar habanero/mango jelly! 
 My market haul... just a few treats for the weekend and some honey and jelly for our (pretty much) weekly cheese plates. 

I slept in, did a few chores around the house, and watched a bunch of DVR stuff 
(1x episode Game of Thrones, 2x episodes Amazing race, a few episodes of No reservations/The Layover, re-watched the Rock and Roll hall of Fame Induction special that was on HBO, cried for MCA). 

Later in the afternoon I took a quick trip to the mall because I had a buy-one-get-one-free coupon for accessories at The Limited.  I only took $25 with me so as not to buy anything BUT the accessories.  It worked! 
 On the way home from the mall it started raining. It had been windy most of the day but it got really dark and rainy all of a sudden. Yuck!  Luckily, it cleared up pretty quickly. 

Raining and dark at 3:02 pm
 I was glad it cleared up because one of my co-workers was having a bday dinner Friday night up near our job (in North San Diego county) and I didn't want to drive back and forth in the rain.   I met up with a few co-workers and some of her other friends and had a couple of good drinks and some mediocre food.  (Sorry Old Spaghetti Factory.  It was my first visit, and probably my last.)  

Saturday... I did more stuff around the house (primarily lots and lots of laundry) and watched more shows off the DVR.  I took each of the dogs for a walk. 
My mother in law showed up early afternoon Saturday.  We didn't do much at all, more DVR watching, a nap (for me) and we had Panera for dinner. 

Sunday... we did some weed pulling and flower planting around the yard. 
More dog walks, more DVR watching.  
Sunday night we decided to get out of the house.  I have a bunch of certificates that we never use, so I printed one out for a restaurant called Firefly.  It was at a hotel/resort down on Mission Bay called The Dana, and had nice views of the bay and the sunset.  (Please excuse the android phone pics, I should have remembered my MIL has an iPhone and taken better pics with hers!) 

Raspberry Mojito!  Yum

We had to spend $100 (NOT counting alcohol!) to use our $50 certificate.  So, before our entrees, we ordered some fried brussel sprouts (w/garlic slivers and and apple cider vinegar reduction - EXCELLENT!), and a delicious cheese plate.!  This was actually warm brie, so just one cheese, but it came with honey, nuts, fruit, tomatoes and roasted garlic.  At home we usually do some kind of honey/fruit/nut combo.  I wasn't too sure about the tomato or garlic but everything else was as yummy as I was expecting. 

We both ordered a filet for our main course, with green beans and gorgonzola mashed potatoes (mmmm).  I would say overall the food was very good.  The drinks were so-so. The location and service were lovely. I would rate Firefly a 7 out of 10 (or an 8 based on the price for the amount of food/drink we had, but that was thanks to the certificate!  Snag one, if you can.)

Monday.... Slept in again and wrapped up the last chores I wanted to get done.  Then I just hung around at home, napped (yes, again), and waited for the BF to return.  

Overall, not a thrilling weekend, but very relaxing.  If we had 3 days (or 4) every week I sure would get a lot more done around the house, and more naps, and more DVR clearing...  hehe

I hope you all enjoyed yours!! 

P.S.  My DVR is now 70% free.  :-)

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