Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday 10 LinkUp - Accessories

Well, we made it through Monday. 
That's about all I have to say about this week so far. Ha!

This week Lena has chosen Ten Favorite Accessories as the topic.  Love it!  I have recently been getting a lot more into jewelery since I am not a makeup person and I figured I could make more of an effort to pretty myself up once in a while.  :-) 

So, I've chosen a few things I own and wear, and a few things I want to own (that I can afford), and a few things I long for (that I probably can't afford). 

Stuff I Own...

I have 3 pairs of these simple and cute earrings, from the lovely Meg at AcrossThePond!

I love this one.  It goes with so much of my wardrobe and I wear it at least once a week.  (Also from the lovely Meg at AcrossThePond!) 

Also from AcrossThePond, I have 4 of these necklaces.  Two silver (with yellow and blue beads) and 2 gold (this grapefruit and a cream), sometimes I wear more than one of them together. 

*Not everything I own is from Meg's shop, but I didn't think to take pics of my other accessories!  

Stuff I Want...
(that I can afford and will probably be buying someday soon)

LOVE this globe necklace!  From Etsy shop barberryandlace

Opal is my birthstone and this is just lovely!!  From Etsy shop ShadowMoonDesigns.

Simply elegant.  I love the colors.  From Etsy shop balance9.

And, finally, things I long for...
(and probably can't afford at this time!)

Links can be found here! 

A lovely, bright colored, leather bag!  (The coral one is actually inexpensive!)
Bright, chunky, fun necklaces and bracelets! (I LOVE the snake one but it's $1600.  boo hoo)
Sparkly, dangly, colorful earrings!  (I especially love the coral ones, but $90 is more than I am willing to pay for earrings.)
And, finally, colorful flats for all occasions!  (The green sparkly ones are from Sears and probably affordable!)

  Thanks, Lena, for hosting this fun link up! 



Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

I love all of these! That globe necklace is so unique!
thanks for linking up! <3

Janine @ 3 Wishes said...

Love it all!!! The earrings are adorable, I would totally wear those all the time! The globe necklace rocks. Thanks so much for linking up!! Have a fantastic day!