Friday, May 25, 2012

Fur Baby Friday! (a visit from a fur friend)

Waaaay back on Cinco de Mayo (wow this month flew by!!), we had our friends over for margaritas,  ceviche and albondigas soup.  
They brought their puppy, Molly!!, another black lab to join the pack at our place for the afternoon.  She looks like a mini version of our Juliet, but she has more of the stocky build that Gunney has.  I saw her this week and she has already grown out of this "teeny puppy" stage and is tripping all over her too big limbs.  hehehe.   
Aww, puppy! 

 Hi guys!  //   We filled up the plastic kiddie pool for the dogs to splash around in. 

Carrying around a stick she found.  //  Getting a bit worn out...

And....nap time.
It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon and we had a lot of fun eating, drinking and watching the 3 dogs have a good time. 


Jamie said...

Aww so cute! My Roxy LOVES her plastic kiddie pool :)

<3 Jamie

Mrs. Monologues said...

oh my goodness, I die with cuteness.

Brenda said...

How adorable! Looks like their kin! Great pics!

JJ said...

what a cutie!

becky said...

OMG looks like such fun. I live in it gets really hot here in the summer. I tried this and the dogs will not...go in. Labs are much better lovers. I keep telling them it'll cool them off, but they're not buying. Glad to find another socal bloggers. Would love to have you visit and today started my once a month puppy and cat photo party link up. It's only our second link it's still small....but thought once a month would be easier and not interfere with furbaby friday. Hope you can join in. this time petsmart giveaway to one linker. Glad to find you.