Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Friday Fancies (Outfit Crush) & Letters

Happy happy happy Friday!  Woo hoo!  
Can you tell I am glad it's Friday?  Yeah, it's been a loooong week. 

Cute, huh?!?  AV made this for me!  :-)

AV posts this topic (Outfit Crush) once a season and it has been easy for me to find something, but hard to actually choose one outfit.  I see so many cute Polyvore outfits on Pinterest and I sift through them each time looking for what strikes me as my "favorite".  (for that day at least! haha) 

Since it's fall, I tried to look for something weather appropriate.  But...since it doesn't really get very cold in San Diego I could really go for anything, so I chose this one. :-)
Nothing too heavy, and layers are always good.  We don't have much (practical) need for boots either, but I think these are too cute to pass up. Plus, since visiting my Mom in Yellowstone this summer I have been digging the "chic cowgirl" style. I LOVE the boots and the shirt is pretty damn cute, too.

Untitled #31

Giddy up, dude...?  :-)  haha
(That's Cowboy/Surfer speak.)
Yep, my secret outfit crush, revealed!
Cute, stylish, SOME GREEN INCLUDED (mandatory in my book) and comfy (OK, maybe not the boots? but I can pretend) and perfect for fall in a not too cold part of the world.  

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Also...I'd like to write a few letters on this lovely Friday... 
(Linking up with Ashley)


Dear Friday... I love you. It's as simple as that. 
Dear Baseball... I am sad that the season is almost over. I only have one game left to attend.  :-(  But I do love October baseball!  Make it a great post season, would ya? 
Dear Smoke Detector (that ran out of juice and BEEEEEEEPED in the middle of the night) ... You suck.
Dear Co-Workers... BBQ/Potluck/End of summer food eating celebration at work today.  Yay!  That should help the work day go by quickly. 
Dear Carmageddon 2.... Please be as "not a big deal" as last time.
Dear Boyfriend... We have no plans yet, but I hope we do something fun together this weekend. A movie? Bowling? Dinner? Somethin!
Dear "Bigger" Blogs I am Sponsoring this Month.... I'm trying to motivate myself and (hopefully!) gain some followers in the next month or so, and so far the "sponsoring experience" has been relatively painless. Thanks ladies! (Kristen, Raven, Michelle) You rock! 
Dear Readers... You guys also (obviously!) rock. And are awesome. To the max.  :-)

Happy Friday everyone!!!


The Heights Life! said...

I don't think there is one thing I do not like about your fancies, lol! So many great pieces!

Rachieboo823 said...

I so almost bought those boots! Old Gringo boots are awesome! This is something I would wear any day. Love it!

Rachel @ Cupcakes and Horseshoes

Blue Dog Belle said...

Love those earrings!!!

xo, Emily

Swede Dreams said...

Cute boots!! I'm a sucker for cowboy boots every time. New to your blog! I'm hosting a Bloomingdale's Gift Card giveaway that ends in 2 days, if you are interested please stop over! Enjoy the weekend! Angie

SimplyHeather said...

I love the outfit and the accessories you put together! So cute!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

xox, Heather

Nicole Rene said...

OMG such a cute outfit for fall! I can't wait to rock my cowgirl boots out again now that it's finally cooling off! I looove all the colors too! So cute!

xoxo, Nicole Rene
Simply Savannah