Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Friday's Fancies (Back to School)

It's a lovely Friday (OK, every Friday is lovely compared to Monday-Thursday

and I'm linking up with the lovely AV 

from Long Distance Loving for her weekly outfit party...


This week....

  back to school!

september 7th - back to school

OK, so it has been a VERY long time since I had a first day of school outfit to choose... And back in 1999 I probably wouldn't have chosen something like this.  
BUT, it's 2012 and I think this looks cute and comfy and perfect for the first day back (in San Diego at least).  
I love the color, and the "it's still summer" vibe about it.  
Gotta have a purse AND a tote bag for all that school stuff. 
Some (hopefully) comfortable shoes for trudging around campus.  

If you are back in school, have a great year!  :-)  
I admit, I do kind of miss those days.  
And my dorm room with a view of the ocean.
My office job is pretty much the same year round nowadays. 
No more summer vacation, winter break, spring hoo.  

back to school


Terri said...

I LOVE that bag. It's a great motto to *try* to keep in mind. Coral is always a great color to start off the year with!

Life, Liberty and Wine

Swede Dreams said...

I absolutely love that top~gorgeous color!

Nicole said...

I really love that peach top!

Jamie said...

Totally loving this outfit! And that bag...I need it!!