Thursday, September 13, 2012

Inspire Me: Dream Home

I saw the gorgeous RAVEN hosting this fun link up today and thought it sounded fun.
(If you click over there, you may notice I did not mention the Inspire Me: Healthy link up...umm, yeah, not doing that!  hehe)

Don't Quote The Raven

Thanks to buying a house 2 years ago (and, of course! thanks to Pinterest)....I have tons of dream home ideas!  I must have bought a hundred home/garden/design magazines when we were remodeling our house after we bought it.  
Side note: That was not a fun time in our relationship.  If you want to keep loving your significant other, I suggest NOT going through a remodel together.  haha

Well, since we are talking "dream homes" here, I think I would choose to live somewhere tropical.  Hawaii is my favorite spot (that I have actually been to) and anything with a view of the ocean and lots of lush vegetation sounds like a dream to me.  
(some other options: Bali, the Maldives, Belize, Tahiti, St. get the idea!)
Based on my Pinterest choices, I guess a porch is a definite MUST HAVE! 
I especially love the porch swing bed thing.  
Or a jacuzzi bathtub in a screened in porch?  Yes please!
And, of course, no dream house is complete without a gigantic library.  :-)  (At least for a book lover like me.) 

All Pins and sources can be found *HERE*
So there we have it.  Ideas for my dream house.  
Don't get me wrong, I love living in San Diego, and I love our almost 50 year old house.  But a girl can dream...right?

Thanks, Raven, for this inspiration today!

Happy Thursday everybody!  

Ciao, Cyn

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