Thursday, September 20, 2012

Isn't She Lovely...!?! and a Birthday!

Hola Hola, Coca Colas!   
(My Spanish 1 & 2 teacher used to say that all the time.  She was so cute.  haha)

I feel bad that I have been slacking on my blogging lately, 
because I have definitely been thinking about my blog! 
As you may have noticed, I have a gorgeous new design!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!
Huge thanks to Kristen at WTF Designs.  
She ROCKS.  
Contact her ASAP if you want a beautiful new design, done exactly how you want it.  "Your way", but much better than MY way because I don't know how to do any kind of design.  Kind of like Burger King but a million times more grin inducing!  I might have been peeking at it all day and smiling like a dumb ass at my desk at work.  haha

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

OK, enough fawning over my own blog.  :-)


Because now I'd like to fawn over my boyfriend!  
Today is his birthday.  He is an old man.  hehe
We started dating when I was still in high school, and have never looked back. 
We have celebrated so many birthdays in the years since then, I can't remember them all.

I do remember his 21st... when we went to Vegas for the first time.  
His mom loaned us her "reliable" car, and my mom got us tickets to Cirque du Soleil!  
I remember his 30th... I rented a Corvette for us to cruise around in for the weekend.
We thought we were hot stuff, drove the coast with the top down.
And his 35th... when we spent a weekend at a fancy hotel in Huntington Beach.
And got a couple's massage at the spa!  His first massage EVER, he chattered through about half of it before he realized I was being silent.

As a tribute to my love (and our almost 18 years together),
I put together this collage of pictures from the (fairly recent) past...
 (Saving some of the really old ones for our anniversary!  hehe  Gotta dig some out of the old photo box.)

Us near San Simeon beach.  
Him in Tennessee when we were MUCH younger! //  Him on his dirtbike. (his other love)
Him in the Corvette I rented for his 30th birthday! // And us at the spa for his 35th....

Happy Birthday, my love! 
You are still the funny, smart, driven, caring, passionate guy I fell in love with. 
Just a little (OK, a lot) older.  xoxoxo
I look forward to celebrating many, many more in the future. 

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