Thursday, September 20, 2012

Inspire Me - Dream Job!

Ooohh, I like this Inspire Me link up idea!  
(Not "Healthy" but "Dream Job"!!  hehehe)
I have a dream job all planned out in my head for the day we win the lottery!  

All In My Twenties

I want to run a small (but luxurious) bed & breakfast, with a funky/eclectic bookstore on the bottom floor.  I know bookstores may not the best idea in this day and age,  with so much "digital media" available. biggie.  I will have my lottery money to sustain me, so this would be all for the fun and pleasure of it.  

The location will be either somewhere tropical....

Source: via Cynthia on Pinterest

or somewhere "Old Worldly" like Italy/Spain...

The B&B will DEFINITELY have a gorgeous porch for lounging, wine drinking, book reading, chatting with friends, napping, anything the guests might want to do!

Kind of like this....

 or like this.....

I'd love to have the interior decor pay homage to the bookstore downstairs.  

Maybe sheets like this....

Wall hangings like this.....

And stairs like this!!

And the bookstore would be open to all who read and I would copy this sign. 
(What an awesome philosophy, right?!) 

So...there you have it! 
Maybe not very realistic but....  Hey, you said "DREAM" job right?   :-) 

Happy Thursday!  
Hoping to get another quick post up this afternoon cuz it's my BF's birthday today!! 

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Janna Renee said...

I could TOTALLY see you with a B&B like that! I love the concept. I have talked about starting a B&B and Will is down for the idea as long as we attach a bar to it ;)