Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Recap (instagram style)

Hello, Monday.  Please hurry up and turn into Friday. Please?  (If only...)

Well, since it remains Monday...
Here is my weekend wrap up!
Pretty low key but enjoyable all the same.   

Didn't do much after work. We had some delicious Thai food for dinner and went to bed kind of early.  I'm always a wimp in Friday nights.
BUT! When I got home from work, in my mailbox was this necklace I almost forgot I ordered from The Posh Daisy! (There are lots on Etsy, too, I just noticed!)  I friggin love it.  I am tempted to buy a couple more of them because a) they are cheap enough and b) it's very light and thin plastic and I can just see myself breaking it if I am not careful!
And then I would be sad. 

I had to get some razors, soap, etc so I headed over to good old Target.  OK, first I browsed through some clothes.  And jewelery...obviously, because look what I found?  This cheap and adorable ring set that TOTALLY MATCHES my Edinburgh necklace from the lovely Meg's Across the Pond shop.  Stoked!  

Saturday night we went to the drive in movies!  Two movies, one low price (per person, I remember when it used to be per car when I was a kid!), and one fun time. We have been to this place a few times before, but it has been years and years.  I'm glad I thought of it (again).  Drive ins are something I definitely remember doing as a kid.  Things have changed somewhat since then, and we pack for more comfort in 2012 than I remember back in the 80s.  hahaha
Drive in set up...One air mattress, multiple pillows, one sleeping bag, snacks and chairs just in case...
The air mattress ROCKED and we were super comfy.  I am glad we brought the sleeping bag, it got pretty chilly out there. Next time I am bringing two. After we got all set up, we pigged out on some of the snacks (see below) I brought along.  
(And jammed out to the awesome soundtrack of the 90s they were playing over the radio station for the movie!)
NOT PICTURED:  Watermelon, spinach/artichoke dip, macaroons, and a cream puff I picked up just for fun!

So, here's the kind of funny thing... 
Of the 3 movie combo options we had, 
we chose the one clearly geared towards families with kids.  
(I kind of felt like Snow White & The Hunstman would be too dark to watch at the drive in, and I wasn't really interested in The Avengers.  Neither of us was interested in Prometheus, and while The Dictator is probably "stupid" funny [and entertaining, we like those kinds of movie] it didn't sway us.) 
We chose Madagascar 3 and Men In Black 3.  :-)  And it was a really good time!
The movies were exactly as expected, cute, funny, and predictable.  
Will Smith is always good for some entertainment, and the crazy zebra (Chris Rock) in Madagascar cracked me up a few times. 

As for the "theater" itself...It's a pretty huge parking lot (there are 3 of them, although I think the lot for our screen was the largest), and the parking spots are extra wide and angled up so everyone (hopefully) gets a good view.   
One negative -The sound quality is not great (there is a bit of annoying static coming through your speakers because the sound is broadcast over a radio station). But it was not unbearable.  
There were families all around us having a good time and it reminded me of when I was a kid.  All in all, a successful date night.  :-)

We did a little gardening. Well really we just watered and checked on the new sprouts.   These are either onion or cilantro. (I think!)  
Whatever it is, there are a lot of them. 

And found the first tiny tomato on this rogue tomato plant that popped up in our flower bed in the front of the house. 

I sure hope some of these veggies and herbs we've got started will produce enough for us to use! 

To wrap up our weekend we just got back from eating (again) at Bay Park Fish Co.  Yummy crab cakes and fish tacos!  It's becoming a Sunday evening tradition lately. 

Hope everyone else enjoyed their weekends, too.  


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Thanks for linking up!!

Sounds like a great weekend! I want to go to the drive-in now :)

Dana @five30three said...

I've never been to a drive-in theater. It looks like so much fun! Thanks for linking up with us. Can't wait to see what next weekend has in store for you!

JMc said...

Oh I am so jealous of the drive in! Looks like yall had an awesome set up. If only we had one here that I wasn't afraid to go to, lol