Friday, June 8, 2012

Fur Baby Friday!

Linking up with Mrs. Monologues!!

I apologize in advance for the quality of this picture.  
It was taken with my mother in law's iPhone.  

Little back story...
Before we got Juliet (black), the MIL had another dog, Casey (a small Benji-type scruffy guy), who passed away at a very old age (we think 17 years) when Gunney (yellow) was around 3 yrs old.  So, Gunney was used to being the "pup" of the household for the first few years of his life. 

Even though Gunney was only about 4 years old when we got Juliet, he suddenly turned into the "grumpy old man".  She has so much more energy than he does, and was only a few months old when we got her, so she was very much a puppy. 

This is them, sitting in the same chair, a month or two after Juliet came home with us.  Obviously Gunney was sitting there first and is not too thrilled. 
"Why are you letting her do this to me?"  
She, on the other hand, is SITTING IN A CHAIR! OH BOY! 

Even though it's blurry, this pic cracks me up every time.  
Nothing has really changed since then, either.  :-)