Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weekend Instagram (quick) Recap

Well the Pismo trip was... EXTREMELY windy and sandy, but a whole lot better than being at work! I must admit, there were a few moments I was wishing I had stayed home, but overall I enjoyed spending time with the BF and the drive up there and back was actually pretty enjoyable, too. 
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This is me, in the back seat with our crap! Passing through Malibu (probably). 

This is Lake Cachuma on the way north.  Drive by photo taking at it's best. I like how the edges are artistically blurred. I totally did that on purpose. 

This was what I posted on Instagram right when we arrived in Pismo.  Not a bad view. Not bad at all... (This was before the full impact of the sand hit me!)

When we got home I found our garden had started popping out a few flowers!  
This one should be opening by tomorrow, I am guessing.  I wonder what color it is going to be!

This one is probably opening now!  Darker purple.

This was the first one to bloom in all it's glory!  Love the color.  BRIGHT magenta.

And our little tomato... it's growing! 

(About a week ago, for a blurry comparison.)

I have more beach and sand and sun pics, which I'm trying to put together for later in the week.  Hope everyone else had a lovely weekend as well!   

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Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Thanks for linking up!

Sucks about the sand, but it's such a beautiful place. And so are your flowers!!

Megan said...

love ! looks so amazing!