Thursday, June 14, 2012

~The Last Thing Thursdays~

So happy to link up today with the LOVELY & TALENTED Miss Jenna!  :-)
Congratulations go out to her on her new shop, Neon & Nude.  Check it out!!

The Last Thing Thursdays!

The Last thing I.....

Wanted to buy....
SO MANY pretty things from Etsy and bloggers' shops!  
Gotta wait until payday, though. (sad face) 
Here are just a few examples. 
Globe, Nude&Gold, Pink

Silver, Airplane, Multi Color earrings, Orange/Aqua, Green

Salsa mix!  Actually, my mother in law did most of the work, but "we" planted a combo pack of seeds.  It had tomatoes, jalapenos, onions, and cilantro.
There are a few sprouts popping up already!  

Actually "cooked" myself.....
Potato salad with peas!  From this recipe I found in (my paper copy of) Food Network Magazine (impulse buy).  (I wrote all about it here! on my food blog, if you're interested in details. Although, it's a pretty friggin simple recipe!) It was really delicious!!  (This is the magazine pic, not mine!)

Did for someone else...
I saw a homeless (according to his sign) man and his son (maybe 7-8 yrs old?) outside the grocery store when I went to get dill for the potato salad.  While inside I threw into my cart:  some tuna/cracker lunch packs, breakfast bars, small water bottles, a pack of baby wipes, and a $10 Subway card (since there are 3, yes THREE, Subways within walking distance of that grocery store.  They are friggin everywhere.  Is that a California phenomenon??).  I might be looking for quarters in my purse on the last couple days before payday, but it will be worth it.

Got in the mail (not a bill)...
my LAST Etsy purchase.  Loving them both! 
I like this shop, Ike & Co., and there are quite a few more of her pieces on my "favorites" list.  I saw her sale discount code on FB and snagged these at 25% off.  Oh yeah! 
Shades of Green necklace // Honey Comb earrings

Cried about...
My (his/our) niece's graduating from high school.  She was a 10 month old baby when I met her!  How did this (below) happen??? 
Sorry about the blur, but...she's just a kid!! (And not my kid, either.)

Happy Thursday to all of you out in blog land.  Almost the weekend!!

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