Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Mashup

A mash up of my thoughts on this Monday... Graciously hosted by Mrs. Monologues!

On the weekend....
Pretty mellow and low key.
Dinner Friday night at Lorna's Italian...They make the best bruschetta I've ever had.

Saturday - a little yard work checking on the seeds we planted last weekend,  followed by an early evening Padres game with the MIL.

Sunday - watched some TV, made potato salad from Food Network Magazine!  (go me!)  I'll share a pic or two this week.  (Recipe to come on my food blog sometime soon, also.)

On the upcoming week...
Back to 5 days of work after 2 weeks of four days.  Gonna be rough.
Hopefully I can catch up on my blog reading, I am a few days behind!
Looking forward to seeing what is growing in our yard, just a bunch of tiny green sprouts so far.  I'm hoping for pretty flowers!

On my stomach hurting all day...
  (since it woke me up at 3am to go back and forth to bathroom as it stopped and then started hurting again and again...TMI?  Sorry!)  IT SUCKS!

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Nicole Marie said...

i want to take my dad to a baseball game for fathers day