Monday, March 10, 2014

10/52 Just Like Daddy

 This weekend we had absolutely beautiful weather! We spent a few hours on Sunday roaming around Old Town San Diego.  Trying to keep the sun of the baby was difficult, but it did offer some cute photo opportunities!  :-)  

Here he is in Daddy's hat!   Such a cutie pie. 

 I had to include this pic also, as a 2nd option.  
This dubious look he was giving me was hilarious!
A picture of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014
Inspired by Jodi, just click the lovely button to join in the fun. 

My faves from last week:

These two cuties having fun outside!  (Love the swinging baby, need to take my little guy to a park and try that, ASAP!)
I think I am a little sad about my boy growing bigger every day, hence loving this baby
This little guy!  Such a cutie, and (like my boy) loves his Daddy.  
(Just realized I chose Fletcher last week, too!   What can I say?  He reminds me of my doll baby.)

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