Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday's Letters

Today I am linking up for Friday's Letters with the lovely Ashley, 

Dear Mom... I miss you!  Thank you for sending me a postcard every week from Yellowstone.  They look great on my cubicle walls.  :-)  I can't wait to come visit in August. 

Dear co-workers... Unfortunately our "summer break" (aka, the boss is on vacation for 3 weeks) is almost over.  Sad face.  I really wish he would could stay away a little longer.It's been fun though with the potluck, going away party, and BBQ.  

Dear movie/musical soundtracks... you provide the best commute music, especially on summer evening when it takes me an hour to get home. (Like it probably will this afternoon.)

Dear Mumford & Sons... Love you, too. A lot. I wish there were tickets left for your only West Coast stop in the USA, I would totally drive 7 hours to Monterey to see you.

Dear Bloggers Who Design Jewelery... You're killing me!  Enough with all the cute stuff, I can't afford EVERYTHING!  (But I'm trying to!) (Same goes for you, Etsy shops!)

Dear Mother In law....Being a teacher, you're here for the summer.  That is something that is good and bad. Every day. ha

Dear Military Jets (that fly over our house)... I get that we live near an air force base, but come on.  Gimme a break once in a while.  OR...gimme money for new (modern and more sound proof) windows!  

Dear Ashley... Lupus sucks. You rock. The end.  :-) 

Happy Friday everyone!  Looking forward to reading your letters. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting...And (Mostly) Wordless Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day, peeps!  :-) 

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I am rushing to get this done so enough chit chat...On to the Pins!   ;-)

 This is SIDEWALK CHALK ART!!  Are you kidding me...??

I actually made this once!  YUMMMMMMY

Source: via Cynthia on Pinterest

This chair... just looks cool.

I love this sooooo much.  My Dad taught me well, and I have always been a Beatles fan.

Wow, lovely garden!

Peacock outfit!!  Love it all.

Something about this rug...I want it for my non-existent patio or deck.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pottery... Part 2

I realized while writing this post that there were waaaay too many pics for one sitting. 

So, here is part two! 
These are all pieces that we have on our house, 
courtesy of my father in law's talented hands.   


Most of these are on my bookshelves in our office. They are some of the coolest looking pieces we have, but not always functional.  One day I hope to put up some wall shelves in our kitchen/dining/living area and have them more visible to guests.   

You can put scented oil inside of these diffusers and the porous bottom halves allow the scent to leak out into the air. 

This is one of my favorites.  I chose it as a graduation gift from high school.  
If we ever break up?  This piece is mine.  ;-)

I actually made this.  Obviously.  I couldn't make a straight sided box.

If we ever have flowers, this is where they go. 

All of his lids fit so perfectly.  He really is talented. 

Other Places....

This is one shelf in my mother-in-law's closet.  And she has another complete house full of pottery.  ha!
This is in my mother-in-law's room. 

And that completes today's tour of mi casa and the pottery that decorates our daily lives.  Thanks for stopping by.  :-) 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Update

Back to the Monday grind today.  Boo, hiss...Lame! Why can't weekends be longer...??

Wishful thinking never got me anywhere so...on with my Weekend Recap.

Linking up with the ladies from Weekend Update!

On Thursday afternoon my MIL came down from LA with our nephew.  
He is 16 and taller than all of us.  
The MIL and I took him to the Padre game Thursday night.  
It was pretty fun...AND, they actually won!  
They have not been doing a lot of winning this season, 
and it is always more fun to see a win!

Let's go Padres!!

Friday I sat in a ton of traffic with my iPod blasting on the way home. 
The MIL, BF and nephew had already gone over to my BFs brother's house when I got home. The boys took his truck to Fiesta Island to drive around in the dirt for a while.  I relaxed for a bit before joining them for a BBQ. 
We had some OMG YUMMY Hawaiian tri-tip and Bourbon sausages from the meat market near us, Siesel's. If you live in San Diego, you should definitely check this place out!  
They have so many delicious meats (beef, chicken, fish), dozens of types of sausage, pre-made kabobs, crabmeat stuffed salmon, great dips and deli items, all kinds of awesome "craft" sodas... I could (and did) go on and on and on, just trust me.  Check it out!  (I'll try to get a pic next time I am there.)

Sunset on Mission Bay.

Saturday the boys went shooting.  
I did laundry and some other little things around the house. 
Ran a couple errands, and finished reading Moneyball.  
I can't think of another non-fiction book that I have voluntarily read (or even involuntarily - since college) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 
If you are a baseball fan (not a casual fan but a TRUE fan) pick it up.
I loved this sentence....

Sunday my MIL took the nephew home. 
The BF and I hung around the house most of the morning. 
We checked on the flowers and other things sprouting in the garden. 
We did a little house cleaning (attacking the cobwebs as a team). 

Sunday afternoon, we picked up some tuna and egg and macaroni salad (again from Siesel's!) for a picnic dinner. 
We walked (well, I was mostly dragged) with the dogs to the park in our neighborhood. 
It was a lovely evening, sunny with a little breeze. 
Sitting at the park was relaxing for a few minutes... until other dogs had the audacity to come to the (PUBLIC, duh dogs!) park and invade our space. ;-)

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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