Thursday, April 3, 2014


This post is inspired by Lindsey over at Ot & Et  
and Randalin at Harvesting Kale  for their weekly link up "Currently"... 
This week they asked what we've all been reading, feeling, racing, using, smelling  lately.  

Well, over here at my house we've been:

I know I mentioned this in my last "Currently" post but I'm still reading the Outlander series (again for the third time) in anticipation of the TV show and the next book coming out this year!  If you are also a fan, you can understand my excitement!  If not you might want to check it out!  (Outlander series, by Diana Gabaldon)
And with the boy we've been reading lots of board books!  Lately he seems especially drawn to Brown Bear, Brown Bear & Five Little Monkeys

Tired!   Baby boy has a couple new teeth trying to break through and has NOT been sleeping very well the past few nights.  I feel bad for him, poor little guy!  But I wish they would just pop through already so I can get some better sleep!  I've been feeling like a zombie at work this week.  Ugh...

Against my son as he crawls ALL.OVER.THE.PLACE!   He is so quick!   It's adorable to watch him cruise around but it is sure keeping us on our toes!   When one of us is in another room he comes charging down the hall looking for us and peeks his little head around the doorway to looks for us.  Makes me smile every time. 
There you are, Mama! 

My phone for practically anything nowadays. (Directions, FB, Wikipedia, weather, shopping.) I only turn on the desktop when I am working from home on Tuesdays. It's just a hassle!   (And don't get me started on the crappy laptop I have!)  BUT... my phone is constantly giving me an "out of storage space" message so I think I need to invest in a new one.  Not ready to make the iPhone leap yet, since I use a prepaid service and definitely don't want to deal with a contract.  Hmmm.

Smelling ... 
Rain!  It's been raining here overnight the past few days.  We need it, being in the middle of a pretty serious drought.  It's helping our newly planted veggies and flowers get a good start.  Since we pretty much skipped winter here in California, I suspect we might have a loooooong Spring!

That's what's been going on around here lately. 
Can't complain too much!
(Although more sleep would be appreciated - side eye BABY BOY!  haha)


Kelli K said...

Ah, when they get moving they sure keep us on our toes eh?! How many teeth does he have? We are still waiting her first one -- taking forever.

la petite lulu said...

He's such a sweetie! Teething is hard work though, I'm not looking forward to when we hit that stage again ugh :(

Hello said...

Hello this Jenny found you throw the link party. :-). Oh... When Owen and Emily started to crawl. They NEVER stopped moving.
" out of storage" I see that all the time. LOL

Janna Renee said...

My niece is in the process of cutting teeth too! She's not there yet, but she's starting to get fussy and chew on everything! She's not crawling yet, either, but she's almost built up enough muscles to get her around ;)