Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Baby's First Easter (Wrap Up)

Hello, hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend!

We had a fairly busy one.  Saturday we all went to Taste of Hillcrest. (All of us being: me, my BF, the boy, and Nana)  Hillcrest is a very cool part of town, and is also where the hospital is that we spent so much time at last year.  There are TONS of great restaurants around and the vibe and people are great.
It was so fun!   
Basically, you pay $30 and then walk around the area to get tastes of food from all the participating restaurants.  There were over 40, but we only made it to about 15 of them.  By the end we were tired and stuffed, but it was a lot of fun.  Some of the food we got to sample: pizza, bratwurst, Indian food, BBQ, escargot, sushi, frozen yogurt, and other desserts. Definitely looking forward to more of these events in the future. 

Sunday was actually pretty mellow in comparison.  
The Easter Bunny left a big basket of goodies for the boy and we had fun playing with all the new toys for most of the day. 

The packed basket.  Besides everything I mentioned in this post, I added any bunny related items we already had on hand for a little extra stuffing.  :-)
The loot partially unpacked....The puzzle (as anticipated) has been the biggest hit so far.  (Although he does also bang the remote around fairly regularly.)
My little bunny!   (He hardly holds still anymore so it was hard to get a good pic!)
See above comment re: never holding still!   It was basically impossible to get him to keep the sunglasses on and hold still at the same time.  hahaha   He pretty much just wanted to chew on them or bang them on the ground.  I still think they are cute, though!
He also was not a fan of the bunny hat (although he wore the ears pictured at top for a while with no complaints!) 

In his EGG-stra Handsome bunny outfit.  We didn't put this on until the evening, so...he might have worn this all day Monday, too.  haha
That's about it for our first Easter with the baby.  
I am looking forward to a little more understanding and participation next year.  
Dying and hunting eggs will be so fun!  :-)

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la petite lulu said...

He looks like he enjoyed his first easter! Nice easter basket too :)

Holidays are definitely lots more interesting with the little ones once they are a little older - I remember the first easter Oliver was clued up, he'd just learned to say chocolate and had so much fun hunting for eggs :)