Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend in Review

Hey!  I'm alive.  Been in a funk.... But I'm trying to get back with the program (somewhat)!  
I have a few sponsorships/features going on and I don't want to get totally out of the habit of writing my blog, and reading everyone else!   I've been slacking at both.  Anyhow... thanks for sticking in there! :-)

Last week (the last 2 weeks actually...) we spent a lot of time taking care of our crazy stapled up dog.  He got the staples out Wednesday and we took him to "day care" at the vet all last week, since we didn't trust him not to scratch or lick at the staples/wound all day long!  He did pretty well. He likes to charm the ladies at the vet.  He's still pretty obsessive about licking at it when we take his t-shirt off.  
But... we left him home today, so hopefully he behaves himself!  

(On the way to the vet Friday morning... He likes to have his paw up on the center console thing while I am driving. Check out his cool turtle neck.  hehe)

Saturday morning we went and picked up our Christmas tree!   We ran a few other errands and did some stuff at home (cleaned up garage, installed a couple of shelves out there, took some crap to donate at thrift store, cleaned up our STILL GROWING LIKE CRAZY tomato plant).  Saturday night my BF went to a friends for a couple of hours to watch UFC and then we just watched some more TV and called it a night. 

December 8th.... dozens of tomatoes still. We pulled 2 this weekend.

Sunday we (mostly I) decorated the tree, did some grocery shopping, and made butternut squash soup (from THIS RECIPE). It was a homey, chilly, turn on the heat kind of evening.  :-)


 A few of my favorite ornaments...
From top left: Mickey ornament from DisneyWORLD, my beautiful swap ornament, our teddy/boxer ornament we've had for years and makes me laugh every year, and the pickle (also from DisneyWorld/Epcot, the German pavilion, it's got a story behind it). 

Other random decorations I threw on the table, nowhere else to put them!

This coming weekend I am heading to Oregon for my cousin's wedding.  I am planning to get a couple of posts in before I head up there.  
Hope everyone else had a nice weekend! 


Helene said...

Love your tree!! so pretty!!
Helene in Between

Janna Renee said...

Poor pup! Weiser is licking spots too. I can only imagine how bad he would be if he had staples!

Kelly Ann said...

Cute post, I love your tree and I am now following you!

Sparkles and Shoes