Monday, March 18, 2013

Little Bit of Life... and The Croods!

Hola amigas!   I want to pop in and give an abbreviated update on life, with grand plans of coming back later this week to do a proper post/update.   

Also want to do a quick preview of a cute movie coming theaters later this week!  
(And yes, I received related products in compensation for this post... 
i.e. An adorable BELT plush toy!! But, of course, all opinions are my own!) 

I meant to post this sooner but my CAR GOT STOLEN last week (Thursday night/Friday morning to be precise) so...obviously dealing with that got me a bit off track.   Luckily the police actually FOUND IT Friday afternoon!  Insane, amazing, frustrating...grrr!!!   So for now it is in the shop, getting evaluated and fixed and I am driving a tiny rental car that is nothing like my beloved Camry.  :-(   I'm definitely glad they found it and it seems mostly OK (besides the busted window & missing electronics from inside) but it's all just a hassle to deal with. 

Then I went to Disneyland yesterday with my mom and aunt (visiting from Maine) so I was exhausted by the time I got home last night.  It was a fun day, though, and GREAT springtime weather. 

Anyhow...back to the movie preview!   I have seen the TV commercials for this movie a few times and it's from the creators of How to Train Your Dragon, Shrek, and Kung Fu Panda, all of which we really enjoyed!   (Yes, we watch cartoons/kids movies, and have no kids yet.  Whatever.)  
In case you've missed the ads, it's basically about a cave family trying to adapt to the changing world around them.   
Right away I recognized the father's voice as Nicolas Cage.  His rules for survival are to never leave the cave, not try anything new, and don't be curious.  The daughter (Eep) is voiced by Emma Stone, who I think is adorable.  She, of course, wants to leave the cave, and is curious about everything.  There is also a guy (named Guy - hehe) who is trying to spread the word about changes that are happening around them and need to be dealt with, voiced by Ryan Reynolds.  I'm not sure what role Belt, a sloth, plays (I'd guess a funny sidekick, based on what I've read/seen), but he's pretty damn cute if you ask me. 

I'm sure there will be plenty for the little ones in this movie, but what I like is how it looks like it will be funny and appealing to adults, too.   We don't go to the movies often but we do watch lots of them on TV and we definitely find ourselves watching plenty of cartoons for the humor in them.   Honestly, the last movie we saw at a theater (which was the DRIVE IN!) was Madagascar 3 (also same creators).  So, it's really not a stretch to think we will really enjoy this one.  Might even have to make another trip to the drive in, just to catch it!

I had fun clicking around the movie website and watching the trailers and clips.  It really looks like it is going to be funny, cute, and entertaining... exactly what I've come to expect from Dreamworks.

Movie website:
 It was nice to take my mind of the car trouble and do a little reconnaissance on this movie.   I'm thinking I'll talk my BF into taking my next weekend for a fun date night.  :-)


Devon said...

We love cartoons, too! I love both Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone so I'll probably make an effort to see this once it comes out on Netflix.

Rob Brummitt said...

It must have been difficult for you to get around without your own car. Thankfully, there are rental cars out there to address to urgent needs like this. While I know that it is nowhere near your Camry, what’s important is that it gets the job done. I am happy to know that your car was found though.

Rob Brummitt

Janna Renee said...

I cannot believe your car got stolen! I always worry when I think I parked in a spot and really I parked in another, but I don't seriously think it will ever happen! That movie does sound cute!