Monday, April 23, 2012

Instagram Intro

a flower in my yard, Instagram style :)

Hellooo Blogland....
I'm Cynthia.
I am a long time resident of beautiful San Diego, crawling toward my late 30s (ahh!!).
I live with my boyfriend of over 15 years, our 2 (part time) labradors, and a part time "mother in law", in our house of almost 2 years ownership and never ending renovations (big and small). I've been half assedly writing a food (mostly restaurants, little bit of cooking) blog for a little while now. I've also been half assedly (geez, yes it's a word blogger) contributing to a book review website started by one of the lovely bloggers I follow.

In the past few months I've stumbled across a bunch of great "lifestyle" blogs written by a bunch of great ladies. I used to think I had to have something really special and new or interesting or hilarious AND well composed (AND over thought and over analyzed and over edited and over self criticized) to write. I thought too much about it and never wrote anything.

Lately I've realized I find all of these ladies interesting to follow, and they are pretty much just documenting their lives, which are fairly normal. (I hope that doesn't sound insulting, I am basically trying to say they are INSPIRING and wonderful women!)

And, really, it's not exactly true. Some of them DO lead very cool and unique lives...
I love Megan, a California girl living and loving in Scotland.
I love Ashley, who moves every 3 months to a new city for her husband's job.
I love Nicole, who is currently studying in Barcelona!

The list could go on...and on...and on. I think I have around 200 blogs on my reader now between food, books, comedy, lifestyle, and whatever else happens to catch my eye.

One thing these ladies all seem to have on me are some kick ass photography abilities. I have an oldish, cheapish point and shoot but I get lucky once in a while. :-) PLUS, now that Instagram is on Android, I have that, too. Instagram, making so-so picture takers looks like photographers for a year or so (sometimes - well in my case, sometimes).

So I am.
Slowly climbing into the more local, loving, relatable, blogging world and hoping not to drown!

Here are some of my first IG pics. I've only been on it for about 2 weeks.
They might tell you a little bit about me.
(They will, for sure, tell you that we love food! haha)

Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere! :-)
Easter Breakfast French Toast

Opening Day at Petco, I love baseball.

Studio Diner, breakfast served 24 hours.

I love poppies. :-)

Steamed muscles with insane broth, @ JRDN.
Lovely necklace, from the aforementioned Megan!

Fondue at home, yum!

I got my book signed by Jenny, The Bloggess!!

Our 2 fur babies at the beach.

Crab cakes for dinner at Bay Park Fish Company.
I drive 50 miles a day round trip to work. My car is one year old.

I'd love to meet new people, so please say hi!

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